Is it legal to own a skunk in Ohio?

It is currently legal to own domesticated skunks in only 17 states: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Where can you get a Descented skunk?

Skunk breeders can sometimes be found locally, although you may need to go a little farther away to find a good reputable breeder of pet skunks. You can check your local paper or even an agriculture-based newspaper in your area. Occasionally, depending on where you live, skunks can be found in pet stores.

How much is a Descented skunk?

A skunk can be a costly pet, especially the first year. Skunk kits cost between $150 and $500, and spay or neuter can cost up to $250. Add to that the costs for food, cage(s), litter boxes, bed(s), toys, daily diet supplements, and other costs. Verify that it is legal to own a pet skunk where you live.

Can you get skunks Descented?

Most skunks can be housebroken by corner training. After they choose a corner, a litter pan with unscented litter can be placed there. If the skunk misses the litter pan, after cleanup, the area should be saturated with plain white vinegar to remove the scent, so that they will not return to that spot.

Can you own a kangaroo in Ohio?

Kangaroo ownership is legal with a permit in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Jersey. It’s totally legal, even without a permit, in Wisconsin, West Virginia and South Carolina.

Do pet skunks smell?

The telltale of a skunk’s presence is usually known only after the skunk has intentionally sprayed his scent to ward off a perceived threat. Among captive skunks, those who are de-scented have no odor to speak of, but a pet skunk in possession of his scent glands may release odor without meaning to.

Do Descented skunks still smell?

Caring for Pet Skunks Baby skunks are de-scented at an early age (male skunks at 3-4 months old, and females at 4-6 months old), so there is never any concern of them letting loose their musky spray.

Can skunks climb?

Although it can climb up wire mesh, fences, and boards, it seldom climbs trees – the long nails are a definite handicap in climbing. The spotted skunk on the other hand, is an excellent climber, able to climb a tree with ease. Skunks molt their fur just once a year, starting in April.

Can you own a giraffe in Ohio?

Yes, you can legally own a giraffe in many states of the U.S. But there is a partial ban on keeping exotic animals in some states like (Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Lousiana). Besides these states, you can legally own a giraffe in all other states.

Can I own a sloth in Ohio?

Domesticated animals are legal as pets in Ohio. However, most wild animals and exotic animals are banned as pets in Ohio. Ohio has very strict laws regarding exotic animals as pets, but it does not include sloths on the list of banned animals as pets.

Where can I find a skunk for adoption?

You can view skunks that are available for adoption here. We have members and associates throughout the US, Canada, and several European countries, and can provide direct support and assistance in almost all cases. THIS WEBSITE IS GEARED TO THE BETTERMENT OF CAPTIVE BORN DOMESTIC PET SKUNKS.

Is it illegal to take a skunk out of the wild?

TAKING ANY ANIMAL OUT OF THE WILD IS ILLEGAL AND HAS THE RISK OF EXPOSURE TO DIEASES. Warning > Never let anyone touch or pet your captive born domesticated skunk or allow any of their pets near your skunk. If medical attention is needed, doctors and hospital staff are required to report bites by exotic pets to the local health department.

Where can I put a injured skunk in Ohio?

If you live outside of Northeast Ohio, please click here to find a rehabilitation facility near you to take in injured or orphaned skunks. If you need a referral we can assist you with finding a legal rehabilitator in your area. New Rabies testing may save our skunks from being put down.

Where can I get a pet skunk in Pittsburgh?

Warning – This place is NOT Skunk Friendly! Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center 6620 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15206 (412) 345-7300 Do not call them. They have caller ID. An introduction to skunks, both wild and domestic. Caring for a pet skunk. The good…and the bad. Caring for your new pet skunk.