Is Kenji still with Serious Eats?

Kenji is the former culinary director for Serious Eats and a current culinary consultant for the site. In 2020 he started a cooking show called “Kenji’s Cooking Show” on YouTube. In 2015 his first book, The Food Lab, was.

Is Kenji still involved with Wursthall?

As of 2021, Kenji resides in Seattle, Washington, after previously living in San Mateo, California, New York City, and Boston. López-Alt opened the Wursthall Restaurant & Bierhaus in San Mateo, California in 2017, with partners Adam Simpson and Tyson Mao.

Is Kenji Lopez Alt married?

Adriana Lopez
J. Kenji López-Alt/Spouse

Who is Kenji Lopez wife?

J. Kenji López-Alt/Wife
He’s also an advisor for the site Serious Eats, a partner in a restaurant in San Mateo, California, and the father of daughter Alicia, 3 1/2. Though the heroine in the book is a picky eater, López-Alt and his wife, Adriana Lopez, have been blessed with a daughter who eats lots of things.

Who bought Serious Eats?

Fexy Media
Share All sharing options for: Serious Eats Is Acquired by Seattle-Based Fexy Media., the site founded by Ed Levine in 2006, has been sold according to the New York Times. Fexy Media, a fledgling food-focused media company out of Seattle was the buyer; Fexy also purchased

What ethnicity is J Kenji Lopez?

López-Alt was born in Boston of a German-American father from Pennsylvania and a Japanese mother (the López comes from his wife, who is from Colombia). He grew up in New York and says his family wasn’t particularly into food.

Why did J Kenji López-ALT move to Seattle?

He and his wife, Adriana, a software engineer for Google, wanted to move from San Mateo, California, to a city rich in culture and the arts and to be closer to nature to hike, ski and sail. Seattle checked all the boxes. “From anywhere in Seattle, you can see tall buildings and mountains and green trees,” he said.

Why did Kenji López-Alt move to Seattle?

What ethnicity is Kenji López-Alt?

Why did J Kenji Lopez ALT move to Seattle?

Is there a Serious Eats app?

Check put the new Serious Eats app for iOS! Themed recipes, taste tests, and features all in one easy to read, ad-free package!

Who owns Simply Recipes?

Elise Bauer
Simply Recipes

Type of site Food blog
Owner Dotdash
Created by Elise Bauer
Commercial Yes