Is Kentucky 31 tall fescue good for lawns?

Kentucky 31 is one of the older “proven” lawn grass varieties with a light green, coarse texture. K-31 remains popular still because of it’s lower price and good overall usage qualities (drought / wear / easy establishment). This tall fescue grass variety is ideal for average lawn and turf use.

What kind of grass seed is Kentucky 31?

Tall Fescue grass seed
Pennington Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue grass seed produces economical, low maintenance grass. This grass seed thrives in full sun to medium-shaded areas and produces grass with a coarse texture and light green color. This Tall Fescue grass establishes quickly and tolerates heat, traffic, and drought.

Does Kentucky 31 grass stay green all year?

Part of the charm of a healthy Kentucky bluegrass lawn is its rich emerald to blue-green color. As with other cool-season grasses, Kentucky bluegrass growth slows significantly during hot summer months. During extreme heat or extended drought, the grass will go dormant.

How long does it take for Kentucky 31 grass to grow?

Water enough to keep the soil moist about 1 inch deep until the seeds establish, which takes six to 12 weeks. Only walk on the grass when necessary for the first growing season after sowing.

What is the difference between fescue and tall fescue?

Fescue grass is a group of cool season grass varieties that grow from the USA transition zone, north into Canada as lawn, sports fields, commercial lawns, and pasture grass. The Tall Fescue grass species is a coarser bladed, dense clumping grass that grows well in shady areas.

Does tall fescue make a good lawn?

In its preferred growing zones, tall fescue provides lawn owners with outstanding options for improving lawn resilience and durability. Depending on where you live and your lawn goals, this versatile grass may be an excellent choice for you.

What grass stays green all year?

1. SOFT LEAF BUFFALO GRASS. While buffalo grass is relatively low-maintenance, here are simple buffalo lawn care tips you follow to ensure it stays luscious and green all-year-round.

What type of grass stays green all year?

Which is better tall fescue or fine fescue?

Turf-type tall fescues provide good density, color and the texture desired by many for a lawn grass. Rhizomatous tall fescues spread by short rhizomes and exhibit increased tillering for increased density. The fine fescues, with very slender leaves, adapt better to low light conditions, such as shade.

Is Kentucky 31 good grass?

Preferred Use. Kentucky 31 tall fescue and Bluegrass are each suitable for certain applications. The sturdy, independent nature of Kentucky 31 makes it a good choice for playgrounds and it is also grown in fields as hay for livestock, as noted by The University of Kentucky. However, it can provide a durable, good looking lawn if it is thickly seeded.

What is KY 31?

Kentucky 31 is a cool-season grass, meaning its most vigorous growth happens during cooler temperatures of fall and spring. Like other tall fescue varieties, KY-31 is best adapted to regions with moderate summers and cool winters.

What is K31 grass seed?

Tall fescue is an important turf grass in the United States today, but that wasn’t always the case. Kentucky 31, known in the seed industry as KY-31 or K-31, helped tall fescue grasses transition from livestock pasture grasses to lush, durable, manicured lawns.

Is fescue grass good for lawns?

Fescue grass is a cool season grass good for use as lawns or for grazing. The coarse textured medium to dark green grass withstands moderate traffic and infrequent mowing. Drought tolerant and shade resistant, this grass is highly adaptable to a number of conditions and climates around the world.