Is Kirstie Allsopp still married?

Kirstie is married to Ben Andersen, and the pair have two children together, Bay and Oscar, while Ben has two other children from his previous marriage. Meanwhile Phil is married to Australian wife Fiona, and the pair have two sons Jake and Ben.

Is Kirstie Allsopp posh?

Kirstie Allsopp’s Family Fact File Kirstie’s father, Charles Henry Allsopp, is the 6th Baron of Kindlip, so Kirstie can use the courtesy title ‘The Honourable Kirstie Allsopp’ – she doesn’t have her posh voice for nothing!

Who is Phil Spencers wife?

Fiona Spencer
Phil Spencer/Wife

Are Kirstie Allsopp and Sophie Allsopp related?

Sofie has two sisters, television presenter Kirstie Allsopp (born 1971) and Natasha (born 1986); and a brother, Henry (born 1973). Designer and businesswoman Cath Kidston is her cousin.

Why does Kirstie call PIP?

It’s called Pip Off The TV because I made up that name. Based on a Canadian show, they offer their insight as to whether householders should bring a freshness to their home by renovating or put it on the market and start again somewhere new. “It’s a topic we thought so many British families were facing,” says Phil.

How old is Kirstie from location?

50 years (August 31, 1971)
Kirstie Allsopp/Age

Is Kirstie Allsopp’s diamond ring real?

While Kirstie said the ring isn’t as expensive as its looks, pointing out it isn’t a real ruby, she says it has great sentimental value and is eager to find it. The ring was presented to her by her partner of five years, millionaire Ben Andersen, after the birth of their first child Bay in 2006.

What age is Kirstie Allsopp?

How much money does Phil Spencer make?

Phil Spencer net worth: Phil Spencer is an American business executive who has a net worth of $25 million….Phil Spencer Net Worth.

Net Worth: $25 Million
Place of Birth: Ridgefield, Washington, United States
Profession: Head executive of Microsoft\’s Xbox division
Nationality: American

Is Kirstie Allsopp related to royalty?

Background. Allsopp is the daughter of Charles Allsopp, 6th Baron Hindlip, a former chairman of Christie’s, by his marriage to Fiona Victoria Jean Atherley McGowan (1947–2014). Owing to her father’s peerage, she is entitled to use the courtesy style The Honourable Kirstie Allsopp.

Did Kirstie and Phil ever date?

Phil Spencer’s wife: Have Kirstie and Phil ever dated? Phil playfully calls Kirstie his “other wife” but the pair have never dated. In 2016, appearing on This Morning, Kirstie laughed off claims she had ever dated her C4 co-star. She said: “It doesn’t frustrate me, it just amazes me!”

What is Kirstie Allsopp’s full name?

Kirstie Mary Allsopp
Kirstie Mary Allsopp (born 31 August 1971) is a British television presenter, best known as co-presenter of Channel 4 property shows including Location, Location, Location, Love It or List It UK, Relocation, Relocation and Location Revisited.