Is Marri Jarrah?

The Jarrah, Eucalyptus marginata, has a dark, stringy bark while the Marri, Corymbia calophylla, has rough, splotchy, tessellated bark and often present with a dark sap oozing from the trunk. The Jarrah has small, rounded gumnuts, while the Marri has large, urn shaped nuts, called ‘honky nuts’ in Western Australia.

What is Marri wood?

Marri is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia. Marri is often called red gum due to the gummy red protrusions often seen on its trunk. As the name suggests, the timber is high in gum, resulting in low recovery rates of first grade timber.

Is Marri timber expensive?

The texture of the timber is coarse and rough, but it’s an easy timber to work, and the surfaces can be sanded to an extremely smooth finish. Marri furniture is extremely affordable, and it has a very different feel to many other modern furniture products.

Is Marri a hardwood?

Marri is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia used mainly for fine furniture crafting and flooring. Marri is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia….Durability.

Lyctid Borer Susceptibility: Susceptible
Termite Resistance: Not Resistant

What eats the jarrah tree?

glyphopa, or The larva of the small native moth, the jarrah leaf miner, Perthida glyphopa Common, is the most important insect pest of jarrah, Eucalyptus marginata, in the south west of Western Australia.

How long do jarrah trees live for?

500 years
The jarrah tree can live as long as 500 years. The jarrah tree usually grows in gravely soil, but occasionally it is found in sand or loam. The jarrah tree has widespread distribution in the dry Australian Savannah.

Is Marri good firewood?

Marri is a very hard timber, with interlocking grain. Marri has an air dried (12%) density of 850kg/m3. For readers in the Northern Hemisphere, this compares to European Oak at 720kg/m3 and American White Oak at 760kg/m3. Not good for firewood, as it is hard to split and the burnt gum tends to block up chimneys.

Is Marri good for firewood?

What is Karri timber used for?

Karri is currently used extensively for flooring, panelling and internal joinery. Its strength and appearance has a wide appeal for fine furniture designers.

What is the hardest wood in Australia?

Australian Buloke
1. Australian Buloke – 5,060 IBF. An ironwood tree that is native to Australia, this wood comes from a species of tree occurring across most of Eastern and Southern Australia. Known as the hardest wood in the world, this particular type has a Janka hardness of 5,060 lbf.

How long do Jarrah trees live?

Where does Jarrah and marri furniture come from?

Marri furniture individually designed and custom made – Marri and Jarrah furniture specialist. Handcrafted Marri and Jarrah furniture and kitchens all made in Fremantle by local owner and artisan Clint Clarke.

Where can I buy Marri furniture in Perth?

We specialize in custom made pieces of Western Australian hardwoods. Our woodworks is only 5 minutes’ drive from our gallery in South Fremantle. You are more than welcome to visit Clint during the week. Some of the local timbers we use are – Marri, Jarrah, She oak, Blackbutt, Wandoo and Tuart.

Where can I buy furniture in Port Jarrah?

Port Jarrah can complete an entire internal fit-out of your home. Located in the historical west end of Fremantle, 300 meters before the roundhouse and beside the sea port which rests on the beautiful Indian Ocean. We specialize in custom made pieces of Western Australian hardwoods.

Why is Marri furniture built with quality in mind?

That is why our Marri timber furniture is built with quality in mind, and we always take into account your personal needs and considerations before we start work. When you choose us for your custom production, you know you are getting someone who can effectively replicate your vision as well as providing durability throughout every design stage.