Is Pero Like BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed launches Pero Like, a distributed project for the “English-speaking Latinx” community » Nieman Journalism Lab.

Did Gadiel leave Pero Like?

Gadiel has left Pero Like to start an exciting new chapter of his career.

Who started Pero Like?

Del Orbe and Calderon first began breaking barriers on “Pero Like,” a web series launched by Buzzfeed staffers in 2016 to change the Latinx community’s historic underrepresentation in media.

How old is Maya from BuzzFeed?

26 years old
She is now a video producer at BuzzFeed’s Latinx channel, Pero Like. Maya is 26 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Who owns BuzzFeed?

Jonah Peretti

Type of business Private
Owners Jonah Peretti NBCUniversal Verizon Media (Minority shareholder)
Founder(s) Jonah Peretti John S. Johnson III
Key people Jonah Peretti (CEO) Dao Nguyen (Publisher) Ben Smith (Editor-in-chief) Lee Brown (CRO) Carole Robinson (CCO) Rhonda Powell (General counsel) Eric W. Muhlheim (CFO)

How old is Julissa Calderon?

32 years (January 8, 1989)
Julissa Calderon/Age

How old is Gadiel del Orbe?

34 years (December 11, 1986)
Gadiel Del Orbe/Age

How old is Maya from Pero like?

Maya is 23 years old and lives in Phoenix, AZ.”

Are Gadiel and Julissa related?

Julissa Calderon is an Afro-Latinx actress, writer, and comedy producer/director from Miami. Gadiel del Orbe is a Dominican-American comedian, actor, writer/director/producer, and military veteran from New York.

How tall is Maya from BuzzFeed?

Tall Mexican girl over here (5’7”) i have always been super insecure about my height… no time for nonsense in 2020!

Who is Maya Murillo?

At the age of 16, Maya Murillo started her blog, which featured crafts, skits, and ukulele covers. She established a following through her quirky six-second videos on Vine, and customized love songs on YouTube. She is now a video producer at BuzzFeed’s Latinx channel, Pero Like. …

Does BuzzFeed own about to eat?

-Part of the team that launched BuzzFeed’s About to Eat channel. …