Is Peter Mansbridge still married to Cynthia Dale?

He has been married to Canadian actress Cynthia Dale since November 14, 1998, and they have a son, William, born in 1999. Mansbridge has two daughters from a first marriage to Parm Dhillon, which ended in 1975.

Who did Peter Mansbridge marry?

Cynthia Dalem. 1998
Wendy Mesleym. 1989–1992Parm Dhillonm.?–1975
Peter Mansbridge/Spouse

What happened to Claire Martin?

Veteran meteorologist Claire Martin, of CBC fame, has made the transition from weather forecasting to media production, signing on as the managing director of North Vancouver production company Anaïd.

How old is Claire Martin?

54 years (September 6, 1967)
Claire Martin/Age

What is Wendy mesley salary?

Wendy Mesley: $335,000 At the CBC, seniority counts (these are government jobs, after all).

Who is Lisa LaFlamme’s husband?

Nick Beaton spoke with CTV News’ Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme about the life and career of his wife, Kristen, who was a victim of the mass killing in Nova Scotia.

Why did Claire Martin leave CBC?

In 2007, she moved to CBC’s Vancouver station CBUT to host regional weather forecasts. Martin was heavily involved in assisting with weather forecasts for the Vancouver Olympics in February 2010. In February 2014, she left the CBC to move back to Vancouver and work for Anaid Productions.

When was Colette Kennedy born?

Colette Kennedy was born circa 1941.

How old is Wendy mesley?

64 years (January 8, 1957)
Wendy Mesley/Age

Mesley, 64, was born in Montreal and began her CBC career covering the first Quebec referendum on sovereignty in 1980.

Who is Wendy mesley husband?

Liam McQuadem. 1998
Peter Mansbridgem. 1989–1992
Wendy Mesley/Husband

What is the pin that Lisa LaFlamme always wears?

I have been wearing poppies for as long as I can remember. Every November 1st, out they would come. And for the next 11 days, they would take their rightful place on jackets, sweaters, dress shirts…well you get my point.

Were Sandie Rinaldo and Lisa LaFlamme both married to Michael Rinaldo?

Since 2009, she has been anchoring CTV News Channel three weekday afternoons. As of 2010, she is also a co-host of W5 and a contributing reporter. She was married to Michael Rinaldo ( c. 1945–2005) until his death, and has three daughters.

What is going on between Claire Martin and Peter Mansbridge?

Oh, the possibilities are endless! The constant on air flirtation between CBC news reader Peter Mansbridge and CBC meteorologist Claire Martin is annoying. Why don’t they just get a motel room?

How long has Peter Mansbridge been with CBC?

The crowds who had gathered in Ottawa for the Canada Day chanted ‘Peter, Peter’ which made Peter choke with emotions. He has been with the CBC network for more than 50 years since 1968. He will be replaced by 3 anchors on his show.

When did Cynthia Mansbridge and Peter Mansbridge get married?

Peter and Cynthia dated for a while before tying the knot on 14 th November 1998. Their son, William was born in 1999. Peter Mansbridge was also said to have been smitten by Krista Erickson, the new host of CBC Winnipeg’s six o’clock news show.

How is Peter Mansbridge related to Parm Dhillon?

Peter’s father Stanley Harry Mansbridge died in 2005 while his mother Brenda Louise Mansbridge died 3 years later in 2008. He has two siblings; Paul and Wendy. No details are available about his first wife Parm Dhillon.