Is Peugeot 206 Comfortable?

Love this car, so comfortable for a small car and has plenty of power. Reasonably good on fuel consumption. No major problems, just general wear and tear costs.

When did they stop making the Peugeot 206?

Production was stopped in early 2008, and it has since been replaced by the 207 CC.

How long does Peugeot 206 last?

13 years
Production of the Peugeot 206 will cease in Europe – after 13 years – at the end of next year, according to company sources.

What CC is a Peugeot 206?

Peugeot 206 CC 1.6i Engine Technical Data
Engine Alignment : Transverse
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity : 1587 cm3 or 96.8 cu-in
Bore x Stroke : 78.5 x 82 mm 3.07 x 3.23 inches
Number of valves : 16 Valves

Is a Peugeot 206 a good first car?

The 206 has a lot going for it as a first time car. Its size and ease of driving would be advantageous to inexperienced drivers, and the low running costs would also help. With plenty of models, new and used, to choose from it should be near the top of a first time buyer’s list.

Are Peugeot cars good?

According to the research, Peugeot came out on top as the most reliable car brand available. The study found that Peugeot owners only found seventy problems in every one hundred cars. That’s, on average, more than one fault per vehicle, with some manufacturers reporting as many as 181 faults per car.

Is Peugeot car good?

1 Most Reliable Car Brand. JD Power has carried out their 5th survey for brand reliability in the UK for 2019. This survey was carried out to identify the most reliable products on the market.

When did the new Peugeot 206 come out?

Cars to benefit from this new focus on Peugeot here include one of the most popular of all, the small-medium 206 that’s the subject of this used-car review. Introduced here in 1999 the Peugeot 206 sold well for the best part of 10 years, before being replaced by the Peugeot 207 in February 2007.

Is the Peugeot 206 a good car to drive?

The cabin is also something of a disappointment, less attractive than both the 206’s exterior and several of the car’s rivals. To make matters worse, the space it provides is no more than reasonable. At least the boot’s a decent size and shape, though. The 206 is certainly not the best supermini to drive, but it’s far from bad.

What did the Peugeot 206 facelift look like?

Shortly thereafter, the 206 was subtly facelifted to the tune of a honeycomb grille, the obligatory clear headlight lenses and a bigger chromed Peugeot lion badge on the back. Uniform coloured rear light lenses were also introduced and sportier models got body coloured side rubbing strips and bumper inserts.

When did I Buy my Peugeot 206CC Quiksilver?

“I bought my little Peugeot 206CC Quiksilver special…” I bought my little Peugeot 206CC Quiksilver special edition brand new back in June 2004 and still love this car as much as the first day I brought it home. It has been reliable and fun to drive and definitely a headturner in the sunshine!