Is Quay a valid word?

Yes, quay is in the scrabble dictionary.

What word ends in SS?

Words That End With SS

  • bass.
  • boss.
  • buss.
  • cess.
  • coss.
  • cuss.
  • diss.
  • doss.

What 3 letter word ends in pi?

3-letter words ending with PI

bpi cpi
dpi epi
ppi RPI

How do you say the word Quay?

Quay is traditionally pronounced as ‘kway’ in Australia, and can often be mispronounced as ‘key’.

Why is que not a scrabble word?

No, que is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What are some SS words?

Study the word list: ss words

pass I hope I can pass my driving test.
cross You must pay a toll to cross this bridge.
lass She was a lovely lass.
kiss He gave her a good luck kiss.
dress The bride wore a long white dress.

What are words that end with Y?

4 letter words that end with Y

  • ably.
  • achy.
  • aery.
  • agly.
  • ahoy.
  • airy.
  • alky.
  • ally.

What word ends with in?

13-letter words that end in in

  • intermountain.
  • prostaglandin.
  • cephalosporin.
  • nitroglycerin.
  • hemagglutinin.
  • corticotropin.
  • nucleoprotein.
  • spectinomycin.

What words end with pi?

Words that End in PI

  • 4 Letter Words.
  • 5 Letter Words.
  • 6 Letter Words. polypi 15 scampi 15 octopi 12 priapi 12 euripi 10
  • 7 Letter Words. rhizopi 21 platypi 16
  • 8 Letter Words. principi 18
  • 9 Letter Words. pedipalpi 20 metacarpi 18
  • 10 Letter Words. hippocampi 27
  • 14 Letter Words. pithecanthropi 28

Why is it spelled Quay?

You know that wharf on the bank of the river where all the boats park? It’s not an aqua parking lot. It’s called a quay. The English spelling of this word was originally key, and that’s one way to pronounce it even today, an alternative to “qway.” Quay comes from the Old North French cai, “sand bank.”