Is Seattle good for tourists?

The 22 best Seattle attractions for both locals and tourists. Home to world-renowned museums, exquisite parks and a vibrant underground culture (both literally and figuratively), the Emerald City is one of the most fun-filled towns to explore, whether dealing with lifelong residents or first-time tourists.

Is Seattle a safe place to visit right now?

Overall, however, Seattle has a pretty low crime rate. The normal stuff applies for cities though: after dark, you probably shouldn’t go wandering around by yourself. Especially not in quiet and/or poorly lit areas. Basically, we’re going to say Seattle is pretty safe – much safer, in fact, compared to other US cities.

Is downtown Seattle Safe?

Seattle is a medium sized city of over 600,000 people. The city has a compact downtown core that is very walkable and full of attractions. Our crime statistics show that Seattle is relatively safe for its size.

Where should you not stay in Seattle?

Top 10 Bad Neighborhoods in Seattle

  • Rainier Beach. This neighborhood has a population of 15,358.
  • Riverview. A total of 3,508 people live in this neighborhood.
  • University District.
  • Lake City.
  • Capitol Hill.
  • Ballard.
  • Burien.
  • Beacon Hill.

Is Seattle a walkable city?

But with aptly placed staircases, amenities and employment opportunities on every corner, and bus routes linking most neighborhoods, Seattle is actually a very walkable city. In fact, it’s No. 8 among the most walkable cities in the country.

Is there an online map of downtown Seattle?

When you’re ready to explore Seattle from the Waterfront area to the top of Capitol Hill, our Downtown Seattle maps should help. You can print out the downloadable PDF map featuring local points of interest, or check out the online map of Downtown Seattle below.

Who are the best people to visit in Seattle?

Self-proclaimed Seattle Maven, Ann Peavey, shares some of her favorite spots and insider tips to make the most of a Seattle adventure. With this guide, Laura Clise—the founder and CEO of Intentionalist—charts a path through the city via small businesses and neighborhood communities to discover and support.

What should you know before going to Seattle?

Know before you go: updates on COVID-19, reopening status, and street safety in Seattle. When you visit King County, you can travel confidently knowing there are protocols in place to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Where to see Art in Seattle, WA?

Kimberley Trowbridge, Light in the Cedars (Anunciation), 2020. Courtesy of Linda Hodges Gallery. Celebrate the beauty of the natural world with this solo exhibition from plein-air painter Kimberley Trowbridge, on view at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. Detail from Barkley L. Hendricks. Lawdy Mama, 1969. Oil and gold leaf on canvas.