Is simplistically a word?

Meaning of simplistically in English. in a way that is simplistic (= making something complicated seem more simple than it is): The issue should not be viewed simplistically.

What is a synonym for oversimplified?

Oversimplified synonyms In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for oversimplified, like: simplistic, distorted, made easy, simplified and simple.

What is another word for proportionally?

What is another word for proportionally?

relatively comparatively
proportionately commensurately
correlatedly correlatively
correspondently correspondingly
in comparison by comparison

What is the synonym of simply?

Synonyms & Antonyms of simply

  • alone,
  • exclusively,
  • just,
  • only,
  • purely,
  • solely.

What is a simplistic person?

British Dictionary definitions for simplistic simplistic. / (sɪmˈplɪstɪk) / adjective. characterized by extreme simplicity; naive. oversimplifying complex problems; making unrealistically simple judgments or analyses.

What does simplistic mean in English?

: excessively simple or simplified : treating a problem or subject with false simplicity by omitting or ignoring complicating factors or details adequate, if occasionally simplistic, historical background— Harlow Robinson The simplistic headlines of the press can be very misleading.—

What is the synonym of widely?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for widely, like: generally, extensively, broadly, in a small circle, publicly, comprehensively, popularly, wide, far, nationally and commonly.

Who is OverSimplified face?

Stuart Webster
Stuart Webster (born: 1993 [age 27 – 28]), better known online as OverSimplified (formerly Webzwithaz), is an Irish-American YouTuber who makes animated history videos about topics including wars, revolutions, and historical figures, explained in a comedic, fun and simple way, while still being informative and …

What is the synonym of proportionately?

disproportionately. proportionately, pro rataadverb. in proportion. Synonyms: pro rata, proportionally.

What is the synonym of commensurate?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for commensurate, like: proportionate, corresponding, alike, equivalent, equal, adequate, balanced, even, parallel, commensurable and comparable.

What’s a word for being straightforward?

honest, frank, candid, open, truthful, sincere, on the level, honest-to-goodness. forthright, plain-speaking, direct, unambiguous, straight from the shoulder, downright, not afraid to call a spade a spade. informal upfront, on the square.

What does being simplistic mean?

The definition of simplistic is making complex problems appear to be more simple than they are in reality. Simply saying “let’s give food to all the hungry,” is an example of a simplistic solution because solving world hungry isn’t simply as easy as handing out food to everyone. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

Is it simple or simplistic?

Simplistic means that something is oversimplified or lacking something important. For example, if I were to say that affect is a verb and effect is a noun, and I didn’t talk about the exceptions, that would be a simplistic explanation. I left out important details—the exceptions. To say…

What is the opposite of simplistic?

“Simplistic” carries the sense of making things look more simple than they really are. Therefore, whereas “complex” might be an opposite to “simple,” it will not do as an opposite for “simplistic.”. Instead, you would need to consider words like: “accurate,” “complete,” and “thorough.”.

What is another word for simplest?

simple(adj) having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved. “a simple problem”; “simple mechanisms”; “a simple design”; “a simple substance”. Synonyms: wide-eyed, dewy-eyed, simple-minded, dim-witted, elementary, unproblematic, simple(a), childlike, round-eyed, mere(a), unsubdivided, bare(a), uncomplicated. Antonyms: