Is Slovenia expensive for tourists?

Slovenia is not an expensive destination by European travel standards, and our travel budget for Slovenia reflected that: groceries and most restaurant meals were less expensive than in the USA, though the prices predictably jumped in destinations that see a lot of tourists.

Is Slovenia good for tourists?

Slovenia is completely safe to visit, and some even say it’s the safest country in Eastern Europe. Crime rates are generally low and your biggest concern will be petty theft or bag snatching on the streets. Violent crime is generally very low and decreasing yet.

What is the best month to visit Slovenia?

The best month to visit Slovenia is May or September.

Is Slovenia a beautiful country?

Scotland tops the chart, with Slovenia in the golden middle, while Vietnam wraps up the list. The list was co-created by readers of the web portal, who voted for their most stunning country. Slovenia came in at 11th place.

What food is Slovenia famous for?

Top 10 traditional Slovenian foods

  • Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage)
  • Potica.
  • Prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurian Layer Cake)
  • Kraški Pršut (the Karst Prosciutto)
  • Štruklji.
  • Žganci.
  • Jota (Yota)
  • Močnik.

Is Slovenia expensive?

Slovenia is quite cheap compared to the nearby Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, but it’s more expensive than most countries in Eastern Europe. In particular, the capital city of Ljubljana can cost dramatically more than the surrounding countryside and small towns.

How many days do you need in Slovenia?

If you’re really crunched for time, it’s possible to fit the two most famous spots, Ljubljana and Lake Bled, into one weekend break. However, we recommend at least 4 days in Slovenia for a well-rounded trip that includes Slovenian classics like Triglav National Park and Predjama Castle.

What is Slovenia like to live in?

Slovenia is a safe and stable country to invest or live. Slovenia is known to have a low crime rate and the people are also friendly and welcoming to overseas visitors.

How much do cigarettes cost in Slovenia?

Cost of Living in Slovenia

Restaurants Edit
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 4.20€
Transportation Edit
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 1.30€
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 37.00€

What is the currency in Slovenia?


What is the national drink of Slovenia?

Slovenian spirits While Slovenians love beer and wine, there’s really only one national drink: schnapps.