Is Solartex still available?

Re: Solartex is back. Manufacturing ceased in March as they chose to close the business after nobody has come forward with a business plan to purchase the company.

What is Solartex fabric?

SATIN SOLARTEX is a superlight, extra fine, woven fabric that has been painted at the factory with a special two-pack paint that is resistant to all fuels – glo, diesel and petrol (gasoline).

What is Oracover?

Ultracote is a commercially available light-weight plastic shrink-wrap film available in various color schemes with an adhesive on one side, used to cover and form the surfaces of a model aircraft. The material is cut to size and applied to the aircraft surfaces using a hobby iron or heat gun.

How do you use a sig Koverall?

Just brush a coat of Stix-It on the model framework, let it dry, then iron-on the Koverall just like you would a much more expensive iron-on fabric covering. Once the Koverall is stuck down around the edges, it can be shrunk perfectly tight with an iron or heat gun.

How much does Oratex cost?

Think Oratex is about $67.00 per yard. Figure 45 to 50 yards to cover a Cub so roughly $3,350.00 for the fabric without glue and tapes.

Is Solartex fabric waterproof?

​ Our Solution Dyed Polyester is durable and long-lasting that has excellent resistance to High UV, Fading and Water Repellency. Also it has no waste of dying water in manufacturing process.

Is Oracover the same as Ultracote?

Oracover/ Ultracote is the same thing . In Europe it is known as Oracover ,your side of the pond it is called Ultracote .

What temperature should Oracover be?

The unique qualities of ORACOVER : Permits re-positioning without fear of colour-layer separation – the only covering film giving you a second chance, it is fuel-resistant, tolerates temperatures up to 250°C, can be painted and is highly adhesive. formulated adhesive is already activated at only 80°C.

How do I cover my sig Koverall?

How long does airplane fabric last?

If you cover your airplane with fabric according to the instruction manual (this is important) the fabric and coatings will have a service life of about 15-20 years.

Do you need to seal a solartex cover?

Solartex is painted while in the making of the product. The weave is airtight so you do not need to seal it. The paint doesn’t feel like it is sitting on the top of the covering like some. Conclusion: I like the looks of many coverings.

Is the solartex cover popular in the UK?

Any shared experience with solartex, especially as it compares to other products, would be most appreciated. Yes it is popular here in the UK. Easy to use and it gives a great finish – I’ve used it for years and have never been disappointed. Hope it helps. Iron on self adhesive fabric.

What kind of paint to use on solartex fabric covering?

When it comes to Solartex it’s going to be hard to beat for self adhesive fabric, the covering is already sealed and ready to paint with your choice of paint, a properly washed with a automotive enamel / lacquer prep solvent will remove any body oils and other shop contaminates prior to painting, think of it as if your prepping a car to paint.

Can you use linen solartex on an iron?

For Linen Solartex, use a sock on your iron or the weave might strip some of the covering off the bottom of the iron. Look under the Quick Instruction Links, Solartex Page 2 Instructions.