Is Speed Demos Archive still active?

Speed Demos Archive (commonly known as simply SDA) is a website dedicated to video game speedruns. SDA’s primary focus is hosting downloadable, high-quality speedrun videos, and currently has runs of over eleven hundred games, with more being added on a regular basis….Speed Demos Archive.

Type of site Gaming website
Current status Active

What is a Demo speedrun?

Demos are recorded files during a run that saves a shitton of info : inputs, used commands etc. Use Maxxuss’ demo recorder plugin to do that for RTA speedruns.

What is the official speedrun website? is a site that provides leaderboards, resources, forums and more, for speedrunning – the act of playing a videogame with the intent of completing it as fast as possible, for the purposes of entertainment and/or competition.

What is RTA speedrun?

RTA stands for Real Time Attack, which is the term used to say speedrun by most in Japan. A good example would be “Simulation RPG” which is used in Japan to nominate all Tactical RPG and Strategy RPG like Fire Emblem, Super Robot Wars, Langrisser or Tactics Ogre.

Can you speedrun a demo?

I guess you won’t have much luck finding many of those on the site. If a game is out, no one will speedrun the demo, they will go to the full game instead. Demos of future games will probably not be accepted to the site at all anymore, because of some newer rules in the “Game request” section.

Who is the number 1 speedrun?

The current Any% world record is held by Zudu, who completed the game in just 7m 48s 100ms.

What is RTA world record?

The fastest RTA is currently a 13:06 run by Japanese player 185ln Lili using the Achilles weapon aspect. Medic previously had a record of 13 minutes and 38 seconds. US player Croven is the current overall world record holder in terms of in-game time, with a run of 5 minutes and 32 seconds.

What Speedrunners use to time themselves?

TL;DR – Top 4 Best Speedrun Timers: LiveSplit: The most common and customizable timer, designed specifically for speedrunning. WSplit: A lightweight speedrun timer that may take up less CPU. Llanfair: The macOS or Unix solution for timing speedruns. LiveSplit One: This is a no-download timer that runs in the browser.

What is splitting Speedrunning?

“A split” refers to the section of gameplay being timed, and “splitting” is when the runner advances the timer to the next split. (Runners map their split-advance button to a key like numpad 0 to make it as quick and easy to press as possible.