Is Suunto Core a smart watch?

It’s sporty, it’s smart and it’s packed with features, but has this outdoorsy watch from Suunto got the legs for navigation? Forget GPS – the Suunto Core is all about the art of digital altimetry, which is arguably more accurate and reliable than GPS when you’re in the great outdoors.

Does the Suunto Core have Bluetooth?

The Suunto Core is a standalone device. With no dependency on apps or Bluetooth, this watch is ready to go right out of the box. Even the interface is easy to use with clearly labeled, easy to use menus that allow you to lock the screen or revert back to time at any point.

What size is the Suunto Core watch?

49.1 x 49.1 x 14.5 mm

Measurements 49.1 x 49.1 x 14.5 mm / 1.93 x 1.93 x 0.57 “
Weight 64 g / 2.26 oz
Bezel material: Aluminum
Glass material: Mineral crystal
Case material: Composite

Is the Suunto Core Durable?

This Suunto model is comfortable, durable, and simple to use.

Does the Suunto Core count steps?

Your watch tracks your activity throughout the day using the built-in accelerometer. Based on your wrist motion, the watch estimates your amount of activity as steps.

Can I swim with Suunto Core?

Yes, it is safe to swim with Core it is also safe to freedive with it. My Core survived even 25 meters deep sea. Unfortunately it does not show the depth of greater than 12 meters.

How long does Suunto Core battery last?

12-18 months
The average battery life for the Suunto Core is 12-18 months depending on usage. Features like the compass and backlight consume more power than other features, so using them frequently or for extended periods decrease battery life.

Do Suunto watches count steps?

Suunto Traverse measures your daily steps and estimates calories burned during the day based on your personal settings. Your approximate daily step count is available as a default view in the time display. Press VIEW to change to the step counter view. The step count is updated every 60 seconds.

Does Suunto ambit3 count steps?

No it does not.

How waterproof is the Suunto Core?

It is waterproof enough to take down to 100 feet, though it will only accurately tell you your depth to 30 feet. While certainly not a “must have” feature, the Core has sunrise/sunset times.

Is the Suunto core all black a military watch?

Our Suunto Core Military watch review is all about its features and characteristics. Suunto Core All Black is the classic model of the military watches line proposed by the manufacturer. The timepiece is characterized by a round bezel and a digital display protected by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal window.

Which is the best Suunto watch for diving?

Our Verdict The Suunto Core is the most fully featured altimeter watch we tested. The Core has something for everyone: waterproof buttons for snorkeling and shallow diving, more accurate altimeter and barometer functions, nicer graphs, and a slightly easier-to-use interface with a nicely labeled and easy-to-understand menu.

How many alarms does the Suunto core have?

The Core has three alarms, which is the same as the Suunto Ambit2 and the Suunto Vector and less than both the Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1 and the Pathfinder PAG240T-7, which have five.

Are there sunrise and sunset times on Suunto core?

While certainly not a “must have” feature, the Core has sunrise/sunset times. You can access this by selecting your location (or the nearest one out of 400 options compared with the Pathfinder’s 48).