Is the Aspiration loan legit?

As a cash management service for the non-wealthy and socially conscious, Aspiration is great. It doesn’t cap the number of reimbursements you’ll receive from ATMs and there’s no minimum balance to maintain. Plus, you can use your dollars to align your finances with a worthy cause while still earning interest.

Who is Aspiration bank owned by?

Andrei Cherny
Aspiration, Inc.

Type Private
Founder Andrei Cherny Joseph Sanberg
Headquarters Marina del Rey, California
Area served United States
Services Banking & Investing products

What interest does Aspiration pay?

To start, even if you do nothing else, you will earn a 0.25% APY on your savings balance up to $10,000, and 0.10% thereafter. If you also spend at least $1,000 per month on your Aspiration debit card, you will receive a 1.0% APY on savings up to $10,000 and 0.10% thereafter.

How do you get $100 from Aspiration?

Aspiration is offering a bonus of $100 when you open a new Spend & Save account and complete the following requirements:

  1. Open and fund an account with $10 or more.
  2. Use your Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 worth of cumulative transactions within 60 days of account opening.

Can I trust Aspiration bank?

Is your money safe at Aspiration? Yes, it is safe. Even though Aspiration itself is not a bank and does not hold a banking license, your deposits are safe as the money is held at several partner banks, which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Does Aspiration pay early?

Aspiration generally makes these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date. …

Does Aspiration have direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is our favorite feature (hello payday!) You can download a direct deposit form, complete with a voided check, through the app or website.

What bank backs Aspiration?

Aspiration’s Spend & Save account is a cash management account offered by Aspiration Financial, a broker dealer, not a chartered bank.

What bank does Aspiration use?

The Aspiration Debit Card is issued by Coastal Community Bank, based in Washington State, while Aspiration will assign a specific Priority List of Banks to your account.

Does Aspiration bank give you $100?

With Aspiration, you’ll earn a $100 sign-up bonus if you open a Spend & Save Account — the bank’s version of a checking and savings account — and fund it with a deposit of $10 or more.

Does Aspiration give you $150?

How to Get a $150 Bonus When You Open This Account. Use your Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 of cumulative transactions within the first 60 days of opening your account. There’s no need to spend extra money — just use your card to buy groceries and pay your utilities. You’re good to go!

How do I deposit into my Aspiration account?

How to Deposit Money Into the Aspiration Account?

  1. Cash: To deposit cash, purchase a money order with your cash and deposit the money order into your account via the mobile check deposit.
  2. Wire transfer: Wire transfers offer a quick way to deposit money.

Is aspiration a good bank?

Aspiration Bank may be a good choice for customers who want the convenience of banking online, without the need to visit a branch. It might be right for someone who wants to: Pay no monthly maintenance fees on checking.

Is aspiration banking legit?

Aspiration is a legitimate banking institution. Not only for Interest-Bearing Checking Account, but also for Investments, small and large. You can make and investments for as little $100! Debit Card with tens of thousands of ATMs.

Is aspiration legit?

Aspiration is a legit banking institution and has been around for close to a decade now. Their services are online and customers account easy to access from their app. Even thought they are not like regular banks, they offer similar services that allows flexibility in certain things.

Who owns aspiration bank?

Aspiration was founded in 2013 by Andrei Cherny and Joseph Sanberg. It opened for business in February 2015.