Is the BMW 4 Series convertible a good car?

Highs Powerful turbo engines, decently fuel efficient, nicely outfitted interior. Lows Polarizing grille design, overly relaxed suspension, snug back seat. Verdict While it offers the premium cabin and punchy powertrains we want in a BMW two-door, the 4-series doesn’t deliver the joyful handling we expected.

Is BMW convertible a good car?

A comfortable ride and good fuel economy don’t hurt its overall appeal, either. BMW offers this luxury small car in coupe, convertible, and sedan (Gran Coupe) body styles. The coupe and convertible have a cramped rear seat, but the Gran Coupe has an adult-friendly second row and among the most cargo space in the class.

Is the BMW 430i convertible a good car?

The 430i is very much a blast in its own right. But it’s also pretty damn efficient, with the RWD 430i being more than capable of meeting the EPA-estimated fuel economy of 24 mpg city and 33 mpg highway.

Is BMW 428i reliable?

This model earned a 4 out of 5 for dependability based on J.D. Power’s ratings. While these scores are excellent, you should know that there were three safety recalls on this model for potential issues with its airbags and powertrain.

Are 2 Series BMW reliable?

Overall, the 2 Series has received solid reliability scores since BMW officially introduced it in 2014. According to CR, the 2016 and 2019 model years are the most reliable. Plus, owner satisfaction ratings are also high. BMW 2 Series owners are most satisfied with how their vehicle performs and with its style.

Is 5 series better than 3 Series?

The BMW 3-Series puts up a good fight, but the BMW 5-Series is the superior sedan in this battle. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it’s larger and more expensive. It offers additional interior room, more standard features, a performance-oriented model, and a higher luxury ceiling than the 3-Series.

How much does a BMW 4 series cabriolet cost?

This M440i version is yours for £59,645. It’ll rival the ageing Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet and Audi S5 Cabriolet, as well as a smattering of soft-top Porsches. The 4 Series Coupe is a deeply well-sorted car, but cabrios are a different animal.

What kind of drive does a BMW 4 series have?

This system is also plumbed into the petrol M440i, which develops a meaty 369bhp. Drive is sent to all four wheels (with a rearward bias) via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. This M440i xDrive is the version we’ve tested, but we’d driven the 420d and 420i coupes and found them to be fine machines.

Is the BMW 4 series a drop top car?

Just as the 4 Series Coupe is the best mid-sized sporty-lux coupe, the 4 Series Convertible is a class-leading drop-top. It hits every base: it’s refined top up or down, the engines are fabulous, it’s spacious and reasonably practical, well-finished and can be festooned with all the gadgets and assists you’d expect.

When did BMW 4 Series convertible come out?

In 2013, BMW rebranded its two-door C-Class coupe rival as 4-Series, and now the similarly two-door’d convertible has followed suit. Like its predecessor, the 4-Series uses a three-piece folding hard-top instead of a simpler though less secure fabric roof.