Is the Dynaco sca-35 an exact fit?

A precision engineered reproduction SCA-35 chassis plus an array of “Exact Fit” components worthy of your next DIY project. Our new SCA-35 chassis, covers and faceplates are dimensionally accurate to the original Dynaco SCA-35 design plus a few added refinements.

Which is stereo preamplifier does the sca-35 use?

The SCA-35 is a high quality stereo preamplifier and amplifier combination which serves as a control centre for various program sources such as phonograph, tape and radio.

Is the sca-35 a fixed bias amplifier?

The SCA-35, unlike the Stereo-70 and MK-2/3 does not use a fixed bias system but rather “self bias’ which requires that high value capacitor be placed in the cathode circuit of the output tubes. Quality is critical here since they are squarely in the signal path.

Can a Curcio audio SCA35 amplifier be replaced?

To make matters worse, their aging process is accelerated when exposed to the warm environment of the SCA35 (or any tube amp for that matter). This is why “exact” replacements cannot provide better audible performance and certainly will not provide any increase in system reliability.

When do new Dynaco sca-35 EFB boards come out?

These boards will be introduced over the course of 2013, as quickly as production, and the time required for those involved in the transition process can make it happen. These are bare boards, that will require your assembly to complete, with parts you order from a BOM that is provided for each board.

What kind of stereo does a Dynaco use?

Dyna-Doctor Forum Stereo-70 Mark 2/3 Mark 4 PAS 2/3-X FM-3 SCA35 AutoBias New Product Announcements I’m pleased to announce the first in a series of exciting new products for Dynaco owners.