Is the Inkosi better than Sebenza?

Small Inkosi The Chris Reeve Inkosi blade’s length is a bit shorter than the small Sebenza 21, measuring 2.75 inches. But it has 8 percent thicker blade stock than the small Sebenza and a wide, hollow grind, making it closer to a flat grind. This gives it a robust feel and strength.

What is the difference between a Sebenza 21 and 31?

The Bottom Line Chris Reeves Knives Sebenza 21 has not only been the flagship of a legendary knife company, but the Sebenza 31 is an improvement on a work of art. Perfect as an everyday carry knife, for hunting, outdoors recreation, tactical, or even first responder use, the Sebenza 31 has some big shoes to fill.

Did Chris Reeve design the Inkosi?

The original Inkosi was launched at Blade Show 2016, and was designed to include improvements to Chris Reeve’s already tried and tested (and industry changing) Sebenza models. Never one to stand still, Chris knew he could improve on his original design with certain key changes to the pivot, bearing, frame and lock.

Who designed the Inkosi?

Background. Chris Reeve launched the large Inkosi, which means “Chief” in Zulu back in June, 2016. The Large Inkosi is effectively the successor of the Sebenza 25 model, and joins it’s stablemate, the Small Inkosi which has been available for a couple of years now in the model line-up.

When was the Sebenza 21 discontinued?

June 6th, 2019
Can I still order a Sebenza 21? As of June 6th, 2019, 11:59 PM, the Sebenza 21 has been discontinued and new orders will no longer be accepted. All Sebenza 21 orders before this date will be fulfilled.

Are Chris Reeve Knives worth the money?

As a daily carrier of a Chris Reeve Mnandi, I may be slightly biased, so bear with me. Now, depending on your budget, Chris Reeve Knives are absolutely worth the price. Here’s why I feel Chris Reeve Knives are worthy of their high price tag: Each knife is produced to incredibly high tolerances.

What knife does Chris Reeve carry?

Current graduates of the US Army Special Forces school are issued a Yarborough knife that is made by Chris Reeve Knives. It a specially marked and serial numbered edition of the CRK Green Beret. The Green Beret is an unserialized edition of the same build and materials and available for civilian purchase.

What is the meaning of Inkosi?

Inkosi, otherwise appearing as Nkosi, is the Zulu and Xhosa for chieftain in Southern Africa. Inkosikazi is the equivalent term for a chieftess. An inkosi that has authority over several subordinate inkosis is traditionally referred to as an Inkosi Enkhulu (lit. “Great Chieftain”).

What language is Sebenza?

The name Sebenza is derived from the Zulu word meaning “Work,” a tribute to Mr. Reeve’s South African origins.

Who invented the frame lock knife?

Chris Reeve’s
The inventor of the frame lock One of Chris Reeve’s most famous inventions has got to be the frame lock. Or, as he once called it: the Reeve Integral Lock (RIL). While in the eighties knives with a liner lock were emerging, Reeve improved this mechanism.

Is a Sebenza worth the money?

There is a case for a good folder, even for a working person, but I don’t think a Sebenza is worth it. If you really like knives and have money to spare, the Sebenza is a wonderful knife with custom-level finish and production-level prices and and availability, but it is, in the end, a luxury item.

Is s90v chippy?

It’s not especially chippy for what it is. Like any steel that makes it’s living with the large, mean , hairy, drunken Vanadium ( and niobium , it’s cousin) carbides ultra thin edges aren’t appropriate.