Is there a cancellation fee for Virgin Mobile?

This cancellation fee is calculated as 25% of the pro-rated plan fee for the remainder of your contract: for example, if you cancel your $35 plan three months early, you’ll pay $26.25 to leave.

How do I cancel my Virgin Mobile plan?

How can I cancel my account with Virgin Mobile?

  1. Go to your profile screen.
  2. Here you will see your name and email address, tap on this.
  3. You have arrived at the ‘My Profile’ screen.
  4. Hit ‘Delete’ or tap on the 3 button icon in the top right corner.
  5. Follow the instructions to terminate your account.

How can I cancel my Virgin Media early termination fee?

If you want to avoid an early-exit fee, your first port of call should be to get in touch with the Virgin Media customer service, which you can contact by phoning 0345 454 1111. This line is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and Saturday, 8am to 6pm.

How much does virgin charge for over data?

Similar to its parent company Bell, Virgin Mobile has increased its data overage fees from $0.07 per 1MB to $0.10 per 1MB.

Can I cancel Virgin and rejoin?

Re: Cancel and my partner join as new customer A new account can be set up at the same property once the current service is disconnected.

Can I cancel my Virgin Media contract due to price increase?

Virgin Media customers get 30 days from when they receive their notification of the increase to cancel their contract. This means that the deadline to do this for 2021’s increase has now passed.

What happens if I exceed my data plan?

A home internet provider usually won’t charge extra if you use more than your allowed amount of data. Instead, the system will automatically slow down your internet, so it can only be used for basic things like web pages or reading text. Some internet providers call this ‘shaping’ your connection.

How are cancellation fees calculated for Virgin Media?

As mentioned, Virgin Media calculate early cancellation fees on an individual basis but will usually include all or a large part of your monthly fee. It will be multiplied by the number of months you have left in your contact to come up with a figure.

How long does Virgin Media Broadband contract last?

You first need to check your contract to see if you’re liable for any early cancellation fees, and you need to find a new broadband deal. Virgin Media broadband contracts are typically fixed for 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months and then switch to a rolling monthly contract.

Why do I have to pay for Virgin Media?

Unlike BT, and all of the other broadband firms, Virgin Media only offers its services in certain roads, therefore if you are forced to move home mid-contract it’s a lottery. The company, though, will make those in a contract pay up whether it provides the service or not.

What happens when I take my phone off Virgin Media?

When you take your chosen Broadband, TV and/or Phone services from us for a minimum period, you agree to continue those services at your current address for that minimum period.