Is there a lake above the ocean in the Faroe Islands?

At 3.4 square kilometers, the fresh water lake Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn is the largest in the Faroe Islands. The lake has also been dubbed “the lake above the ocean” as the view from a particular angle functions as an optical illusion, appearing to look as though the lake is hovering directly above the ocean.

Where is lake Sorvagsvatn Faroe Islands The lake is 30m above the ocean?

of Vágar
Lake Sørvágsvatn is located on the island of Vágar and is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands. This lake appears to sit high above the ocean on a cliff. However, this is just an optical illusion.

How deep is the Sorvagsvatn lake?

Basin countries (Faroe Islands)
Surface area 3.4 km2 (1.3 sq mi)
Average depth 27.5 m (90 ft)
Max. depth 59 m (194 ft)

What country is Sorvagsvatn in?

Sørvágsvatn is a lake found on the island of Vágar, the third largest island of the Faroe Islands; and the group of islands is a country belonging to Denmark in Europe, that is located on the edge of the North Atlantic Sea between the United Kingdom, Iceland and Norway.

What country owns the Faroe Islands?

If you haven’t already heard of the Faroe Islands, you will soon. Tucked between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean (and politically part of Denmark), this self-governed group of 18 volcanic islands is fast becoming a favorite Nordic destination.

Are Faroese Vikings?

The Faroe Islands were colonised much earlier than previously believed, and it wasn’t by the Vikings, according to new research. Analysis showed an extensive windblown sand deposit containing patches of burnt peat ash from human activity, dating human settlement to pre-Viking phases.

Can Norwegians understand Icelandic?

Icelandic and Faroese do have some words in common with the three other Scandinavian languages, but it is not common for Scandinavians to be able to understand Icelandic and Faroese, except for certain Norwegians who have a similar dialect (Norwegian nynorsk).

What is the language of Faroe Island?

Faroe Islands/Official languages

Do they speak English in the Faroe Islands?

The national language of the Faroe Islands is Faroese. Danish is the official second language and is taught in schools at an early age. English is the also taught in schools and is spoken by most people.

Which is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands?

Sørvágsvatn or Leitisvatn is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands. It is situated on the island of Vágar between the municipalities of Sørvágur and Vágar. Its area is 3.4 km 2, more than three times the size of Fjallavatn, the second largest lake, also located on Vágar. Among the locals, there is disagreement regarding the name of the lake.

How to get to the cliff edge in the Faroe Islands?

In order to get to the cliff edge, you’ll need to hike around 1-1.5 hours from the closest road. The walk/hike itself is relatively easy, thought the ascent to the cliff edge can leave you a little out of breath. Park your car on the most eastern side of Sandavágur village and walk the rest.

How to get to the Faroe Islands from Denmark?

Scandinavian Airlines also has a direct flight from Copenhagen. There are also ferries departing from Denmark and Iceland. If flying, you will arrive in Vágar Airport, which is only about 3 miles from the lake. It is best to rent a car or even a campervan and explore the Faroe Islands by self-driving.

How tall is Lake Sørvagsvatn in Faroe Islands?

In real, the lake is only 30 meter above the sea level, but the cliff facing the camera is 100 meters high. The position of the camera and the angle of the shot makes it seem like the lake is about the same level as the cliff. Here is an aerial shot of Lake Sørvágsvatn that gives a better picture.