Is there a V8 Supercars game?

In 2017, Supercars launched an eSports competition, now known as the Supercars eSeries, using Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Motorsport 7 until 2018 and iRacing from 2019….List of licensed games.

Title V8 Supercars: Race Driver
Release date 2002
Developer Codemasters
Publisher Codemasters

What cars will race in V8 Supercars 2021?

2021 Supercars Series preview

  • Ford Mustang.
  • Holden Commodore.
  • Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Chevrolet News.
  • Ford News.
  • Holden News.
  • Sport.
  • Race track.

What engine is in Holden V8 Supercar?

All cars currently use a 5.0-litre, naturally aspirated V8-engine with indirect electronic fuel injection, capable of producing between 460 and 485 kW (620–650 bhp) at the maximum allowed 7500rpm.

Is there a V8 Supercar game for Xbox one?

Microsoft has taken its partnership with V8 Supercars to a new level with the announcement Xbox and the just released Forza Motorsport 6 video game will feature at this year’s Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

Does Forza Horizon 3 have V8 Supercars?

Arguably the world’s best console racing simulator, Forza 3 will allow fans to take the wheel of their favourite V8 Supercar team’s FG Falcon or VE Commodore on world famous tracks, including Suzuka, Nürburgring Nordschleife and the Sebring International Raceway.

Can you play iRacing on a PS4?

As a casual gamer, you’ve been thinking if you can run the game on the PS4? Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot run iRacing on your PS4. iRacing is a PC exclusive game, but that’s part of why it’s such a great game!

Is Rick Kelly Racing in 2021?

Although he steered a Supercar for the first time since last October’s Bathurst 1000, Kelly hasn’t signed a co-drive deal for the team. However, he has signed a contract to be the team’s designated test and ride day driver for 2021.

Is the new Holden Supercar a V8?

It is hoped the Gen3, which will remain a V8 muscle car, will attract cars from Ford to BMW, Chevrolet, Audi, Kia and more.

What car will replace Holden in V8 Supercars?

Chevrolet Camaro
The Chevrolet Camaro will replace the Holden ZB Commodore in the Supercars series from the 2022 season. The death of Holden has led to the demise of many things – from the Commodore nameplate to the iconic Lion badge.

Does Forza 7 have V8 Supercars?

As the 2017 racing season is still underway, you will be able to experience the latest technology and designs from Formula One, IndyCar, NASCAR, Aussie V8 Supercars and Formula E. These are the cars that are racing right now in their respective series, and you’ll get to race them firsthand in Forza Motorsport 7.

Does Forza Horizon 3 have Bathurst?

Forza Horizon 3, the ninth instalment of the Forza series, is entirely set in Australia. Considering the famed Bathurst track was one of the greatest things about last year’s brilliant Forza 6, it proves to be a great idea with the execution to match.

Are there any video games with V8 Supercars?

Other games, such as Project CARS, its sequel Project CARS 2 and Gran Turismo 6, have featured the V8 Supercars’ most famous circuit, Mount Panorama, without featuring full series content. Real-life video from the Mount Panorama Circuit with virtual cars superimposed over the top. Generic liveries on V8 Supercars-style chassis.

When was the first Supercars video game released?

In 2017, Supercars launched an eSports competition, now known as the Supercars eSeries, using Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Motorsport 7 until 2018 and iRacing from 2019. Touring Car Champions, released by Torus Games and Virtual Sports Interactive for Windows in June 1997, was the first game to be based on Australian touring car racing.

When did V8 Supercars start racing in Australia?

V8 Supercars Australia introduced carnival street-race V8 Supercar events such as the Clipsal 500, and strived to turn Australian touring car racing into a world-class product.

Where does the Supercars racing series take place?

The Supercars Championship is a touring car racing category based in Australia and run as an International Series under Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) regulations.