Is there surf at Seal Beach?

Seal Beach The beach is a great spot for beginners and pros alike as it features a variety of swells. One area of the beach, Ray Bay, is near the Edison Plant so water temperature stays in the 70s. It’s great for surfing but it also attracts thousands of stingrays so make sure to shuffle your feet.

How big are the waves at Seal Beach right now?

Current Surf Report for Seal Beach Pier Current Conditions

Low 1:04AM 0.49ft
High 7:58AM 4.2ft
Low 12:51PM 2.82ft
High 6:33PM 5.08ft

What are the waves like in Huntington Beach?

Beach Condition

Current Weather Clear
Surf Height 4-5 FT – Chest to head high
Surf Period 16 seconds
Surf Direction South-Southwest
Surf Quality Good

How big are the waves at Huntington Beach?

Current Surf Report for Huntington Pier Current Conditions

High 4:11AM 3.28ft
Low 7:56AM 2.85ft
High 2:53PM 5.41ft
Low 10:58PM 0.49ft

Is Seal Beach good for boogie boarding?

Seal Beach Pier “Nice waves, sometimes a bit high for the little ones but good for boogie boarding and body surfing.

How big are the waves in Newport?

Current Surf Report for Newport Beach Current Conditions

Low 1:11AM -0.3ft
High 7:51AM 4.13ft
Low 12:48PM 2.53ft
High 6:38PM 5.71ft

Are there stingrays in Seal Beach?

SEAL BEACH–A third of the nation’s stingray stings are occurring here, estimates Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey. “It has a lot to do with the warm water coming down the San Gabriel River, the large number of stingrays that congregate here and the huge crowds that go into the water.”

Is Long Beach good for boogie boarding?

“I liked this beach very much. The waves and water were perfect for boogie boarding for the kids.