Is Toyota Auris a reliable car?

Toyota has a very strong reputation for reliability, with the firm’s confidence in its own cars borne out by the satisfaction of its owners. In our Driver Power 2015 customer satisfaction survey, the Auris range as a whole was ranked a strong 45th out of 200 rival cars.

Why was Toyota Auris discontinued?

According to Toyota, the decision was taken due to a desire to give its Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf rival a single identity in all world markets.

When should the timing belt be replaced on a Toyota Auris?

We recommend you replace your timing belt every four years, or at around the 60,000 mile mark.

What is wrong with Toyota Auris?

Problem: The Toyota Auris is known for having problems with a lack of power and/or bursts of black smoke from the exhaust. You may find the car also surging forward. Any one of these problems are symptoms of a blocked EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve.

Does Toyota have engine problems?

But like any other manufacturer, Toyota cars have had several defects that slipped through the cracks of its popular owner-awarded iron-clad seal of approval. While its engines are generally reliable, it’s the rest of the car that might suffer, whether it’s from idiosyncratic problems or serious mechanical issues.

Does Toyota Auris have timing belt?

All Toyota Auris engines are chain-driven so there’s no cambelt to worry about changing.

What replaced Toyota Auris?

Toyota is reviving the most famous nameplate in automotive history. The Corolla holds the record as the best-selling car worldwide and the Japanese brand has confirmed that its new C-segment models will bear the historic title. Replacing the Auris, Toyota’s new hatchback, saloon and estate model will be called Corolla.

Where is Toyota Auris built?

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) announced today that the third generation Toyota Auris will be built at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s (TMUK) car plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire (UK). TMUK’s factory in Deeside, North Wales will be the main source for its engines.

Does Toyota Auris have timing belt or chain?

What’s the length of a 2013 Toyota Auris?

2013 Toyota Auris. At 4,275 mm the overall length of the new Auris has increased by 30 mm, though its wheelbase remains the same at 2,600 mm. The front and rear overhangs have both increased by just 15 mm, and the Auris remains one of the most compact cars in its class.

What are the new wheels on the Toyota Auris?

The new Toyota Auris’ ride height has been lowered by 10 mm, narrowing the gap between the wheel arches and tyres, and aligning the wheel more closely with the bodywork to further accentuate the new vehicle’s sleeker, more streamlined appearance. And a choice of wheels includes a new 15″ and 16″ wheelcap design and 16″ and 17″ alloys.

When did the Toyota Auris Hybrid come out?

The launch of the Toyota Auris Hybrid in 2010 made Toyota the first manufacturer to offer a choice of three powertrains in the C-segment. Designed for the European market, its largest volume market, the new Auris will be built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK alongside the Avensis, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its European operations.

How tall is the cabin on a Toyota Auris?

Significantly, the frontal projected surface area of Toyota Auris has been reduced by 4% over the current model and, without impacting on passenger accommodation, its overall height lowered by 55 mm (the cabin by 45 mm and the ride height by 10 mm), making it one of the lowestvehicle in the segment.