Is Zoom H4n good?

At its heart, the Zoom H4N is a serious two‑track recorder, where it is amongst the best in its class. The multitrack mixing and four‑track recording functionality — as well as the huge number of other ‘bells and whistles’ — make it the most versatile, too. A classy upgrade to an already impressive product.

What is Zoom H4n used for?

The H4n transforms any rehearsal room into a recording studio. Connect mics and line level devices like electronic keyboards—even electric guitar or bass—and record up to four tracks of digital audio simultaneously, then bounce the tracks down to stereo or mono for additional overdubbing with no loss of quality.

Does H4n have phantom power?

Originally designed for musicians, the Zoom H4n has become especially popular with DSLR video and filmmakers over other portable recorders because it has direct XLR mic input connectors with phantom power, and because it can record as many as four channels at once from both the built-in mics as well as from two …

Is Zoom H4n a preamp?

In this informative write-up, we’ll compare the Zoom H4n Pro vs the H5. They’re both great portable audio recorders for beginners and professionals, and will surely upgrade your sound design. But most notably, the H4n Pro’s preamps were upgraded to the same preamp design as the Zoom H5 and H6.

Does Zoom recorder have preamp?

The most important update are the improved microphone preamps. I communicated with Zoom and confirmed that they’re the same ones used in the Zoom H5 and H6 recorders.

How does Zoom H4n work?

The Zoom H4n is a bit of a Swiss Army Knife production tool. This means that you can connect it to a Mac or Windows PC via USB 2.0, plug a microphone into one of its two XLR inputs, and use the H4n to create voiceovers in post production.

Is Zoom H4n class compliant?

The device is class-compliant on Mac computers, meaning no additional driver software is required. PC users, however, must download and install the H4n ASIO driver before connecting it, which can be found on the Zoom H4n download page.

How do I use my Zoom H4n as an audio interface?

Using the Zoom H4n as an Audio Interface

  1. Plug your H4n into your computer via USB while it is powered off.
  2. The unit will power itself on and show the USB menu.
  3. Select Frequency, and then choose your desired sampling rate.
  4. The H4n will return to the USB Audio I/F menu once you have selected your sampling rate.