Academic institutions are struggling to see steady growth in the textile industry. Students are more likely to use these services for years. Students and graduates over 25 are too busy with their work, often with families. Foreign students often do not have the vocabulary necessary to produce academic content, and some may find it difficult to fully or partially understand the textbook. In addition, the number of documents that each student must write on each subject in a few years is striking.

Academic writers usually speak the language needed; they devote their time exclusively to producing quality documents, systematically and regularly improving their skills. No wonder students want to know more about the services offered.

The education system is the industry itself and is not ideal. Each year, universities accept a large number of participants and almost no one can take into account the lives and struggles of people entering the academic world. For example, there are those who need more attention or time to adapt to the system. The rapid development of written services is a logical response to the pressure exerted on students of all ages, nationalities, origins and academic success. This phenomenon underlines the inadequacies of the educational system of the modern world.