What ACT score do you need for Duke TIP?

ACT Requirements: eStudies

If you took the ACT in… And scored… You are eligible for…
9th grade ≥ 23 on Math or Science eStudies Math
≥ 23 on English or ≥ 24 on Reading eStudies Verbal
10th grade ≥ 25 on Math or Science eStudies Math
≥ 25 on English or ≥ 27 on Reading eStudies Verbal

What is a good ACT score for a 12 year old?

Students who earned an ACT Composite score of 12 in 7th grade scored at the national mean (an ACT Composite score of 211), on average, in grade 11 or 12. For 7th grade scores of 20 or higher, median scores for grades 11/12 are 30 or higher.

What is Duke TIP State Recognition?

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is honoring academically-talented seventh graders for their exceptional scores on the ACT or SAT. Duke TIP then hosts annual recognition ceremonies to honor the seventh graders who scored the highest on these ACT or SAT exams.

What is a good ACT score for 7th graders?

Results: Distribution of 7th Grade ACT / SAT Scores

Interpretation Percentile ACT Score
Below Average 25% 4
Average 50% 10
Above Average 75% 16
Excellent 95% 23

Is it possible to get a 37 on the ACT?

What Is a Perfect ACT score? The highest possible score you can earn on the ACT is 36 (on a scale of 1-36). This 36 is a composite, or average, of your four subject area scores—English, Reading, Math, and Science. Each section is also scored on a scale of 1-36.

Can an 8th grader take the ACT?

Since ACT scores are valid for 5 years, you could begin testing as early as 8th grade. And with 7 ACT test dates per year over 5 years, that means there are 35 test dates you can choose from.

Is a 12 on the ACT good?

12 ACT Score Standings You can apply to 4 colleges and have a good shot at getting admitted. You have a very low chance of getting into 1495 schools with this score.

Does Duke TIP help get into college?

Duke TIP will not affect a student’s ability to get into college or move ahead with future career plans.

How much does Duke TIP cost?

Students join Duke TIP by enrolling in TIP’s 7th Grade Talent Search. Enrollment is a onetime process that costs $80. This nonrefundable fee includes membership in Duke TIP through the end of the student’s senior year of high school, plus one ACT (no writing) or one SAT (no essay) test registration.

Is a 7 on the ACT good?

For the ACT 2019-2020 reporting year, the average writing score is a 6.5 on a 12-point scale….Average Scores on the Current 12-Point Writing Exam.

ACT Writing Score Percentiles
9 96 (top 4%)
8 90 (top 10%)
7 66 (top 34%)
6 50 (top 50%)

What is a good ACT score for a 13 year old?

Results: Distribution of 8th Grade ACT / SAT Scores

Interpretation Percentile ACT Score
Below Average 25% 7
Average 50% 13
Above Average 75% 19
Excellent 95% 26

What are the ACT score requirements for Duke TIP?

Of all the Duke TIP programs with SAT/ACT score requirements, the eStudies program has the lowest score requirements, followed by the Academy for Summer Studies, which falls in the middle, and the Center for Summer Studies, which is the most stringent when it comes to score requirements.

Do you have to write essay for Duke TIP?

Currently, Duke TIP does not require participants to take the Writing portion of the ACT (that is, the essay). It’s always possible, though, that Duke TIP may update its ACT score requirements. But don’t worry—as more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this article to reflect current knowledge.

Is there a summer program at Duke TIP?

The Center for Summer Studies is another summer program offered by Duke TIP; the difference between the Center and the Academy is in the intensity of the courses and the stringency and specificity of the score requirements.

Is there an act superscore policy at Duke?

However, in our research, we found that Duke does in fact offer an ACT superscore policy. To quote their Admissions Office: For students who choose to submit the ACT with writing, Duke will consider the highest composite score and highest scores on each section, regardless of test date, but will not recalculate the composite score.