What are 3 different polymers?

There are 3 principal classes of polymers – thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers.

What do you mean by natural polymers?

Natural Polymers are those substances which are obtained naturally. These polymers are formed either by the process of addition polymerization or condensation polymerization. Polymers are extensively found in nature. Our body too is made up of many natural polymers like nucleic acids, proteins, etc.

Is insulin a polymer?

The insulin molecule contains 51 amino acids; it is made up of two peptide chains linked by disulphide bonds. Although it is active as a monomer, during its biosynthesis and storage it assembles to dimers and, in the presence of zinc, to hexamers.

What are the advantages of natural polymer?

Natural polymers are the primary metabolic components of such organisms, and they demand to be extracted for their wide applications. These polymers have many advantages, including their low prices, broad availability, non-toxic nature and biodegradability.

How do we use natural polymers?

Natural polymers have been widely used in a variety of biomedical applications such as pharmaceuticals, tissue regeneration scaffolds, drug delivery agents, and imaging agents. In wound care, they are used as dressings for acute or chronic wounds and as regeneration templates.

Which is the best description of natural polymers?

Natural Polymers. Polymers that are naturally obtained or extracted from nature (living organisms) are referred to as natural polymers. They are present abundantly in plants, animals and human beings. Natural polymers include proteins, DNA, RNA, starch, glycogen, etc.

Which is an example of a synthetic polymer?

Examples of synthetic polymers include nylon, polyethylene, polyester, Teflon, and epoxy. Natural polymers occur in nature and can be extracted. They are often water-based. Examples of naturally occurring polymers are silk, wool, DNA, cellulose and proteins.

What was the first polymer to be made?

Polymers were first manufactured by people seeking substitutes for natural ones, in particular, rubber and silk. Among the earliest were semi-synthetic polymers, which are natural polymers modified in some way.

Which is natural polymer Buna-S, proteins, PVC?

Latex- Latex is known to be a kind of rubber, and rubber is a natural polymer. This latex occurs in both the forms either synthetic or natural. The natural form of latex is mainly collected from the rubber trees and it is also found in variety of plants which includes the milkweed.