What are gcu Havocs?

The GCU Havocs are a way to show your pride and spirit for GCU. While supporting different GCU athletic teams, the Havocs are a great way to get involved and make friends. We value community and camaraderie and believe our passion and noise is magnified when we cheer together.

Are Obliterators good?

Overview: Obliterators are versatile units with deadly mid-range firepower capable of blasting even the biggest Monsters and Vehicles away. But they are also good at tackling elite infantry and sometimes even pesky screen units.

Are Havocs good 40k?

Havocs are a great unit, even if they’re outshined by other Heavy Support choices in a CSM CAD. They have access to a lot of different weaponry and can be kitted out to fulfill numerous battle field roles in games of 40k.

What league is Grand Canyon University?

NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball
Grand Canyon Antelopes men’s basketball/Division

What sports does Grand Canyon University have?


Men’s sports Women’s sports
Baseball Basketball
Basketball Beach volleyball
Cross country Cross country
Golf Golf

How many shots do Obliterators have?

Speaking of which, the Obliterators have their fleshmetal guns and are capable of delivering some decently powerful shots. Though they’re not reliable, you can get up to 18 shots out of a single unit–even more expensive than the Venomcrawler though.

How many Fleshmetal guns do Obliterators have?

Subject: How many “Flesh metal guns” do Oblitrators have? They have one set of Fleshmetals guns, which were ORIGINALLY Assault 2. However, in the Codex, they were updated to be Assault 4.

What is devastation battery?

If you’re the type of player who likes to spend their Command Points early in the game, Devastation Battery is an amazing Specialist Detachment available to you in Vigilus Ablaze. This unlocks the Armor Bane Warlord Trait and the Punishing Volley Stratagem.

Has anyone from GCU gone to the NBA?

GCU has seen two Lopes basketball alumni go on to careers in the NBA, including: Horacio Llamas, the first Mexican-born player to play in an NBA game.; and Bayard Forrest, former basketball player with the Seattle SuperSonics and Phoenix Suns.