What are some jazz dance terms?

Jazz Dance Terminology

  • Axel Turn. A spinning rotation in which the dancer performs a knee bend and kick in the air before bringing the legs together again on the ground.
  • Ball Change.
  • Barrel Turn.
  • Charleston.
  • Chassé
  • Fan Kick.
  • Jazz Hands.
  • Jazz Square.

What are the 6 different jazz dance styles?

The Jazz Breakdown


What are the dance terms?

Dance terms

adagio (at) slow music
appèl appeal on the ground, sounding stomp foot (full weight) on the floor. (Military: obey call)
ball change two (fast, syncopated) steps on the ball of the alternating foot
ballroom stately graceful dance around the floor
bamboleo surge, swing

What was Luigi Giordano’s influence on jazz dance?

Luigi incorporated more of a lyrical quality using his whole body, which he brought from his ballet training. Giordano technique stemmed from his modern training and heavily emphasized the use of the head and torso. Jazz music has been a big influence on jazz dance.

Is Jete a jazz terminology?

jete leap: a leap from one leg to another. Working leg is brushed through the air, forward, other leg is extended back. saute: A jump with one leg slightly in front and the other extended in the back.

Is Chasse a jazz terminology?

Chasse. Stolen from ballet, this step resembles a galloping motion, as one foot literally “chases” the other. This is often used in jazz dance terminology to describe a way to travel across the stage, or flow two moves together.

What is the most iconic element of jazz dance?

Typical elements of jazz dance are isolation movements, precise leg, arm and foot movements, breathtaking jumping techniques and twists. Hereby it becomes apparent that jazz dance is a diverse and energetic dance style in which the creativity and expressiveness of the dancers are promoted.

Who first invented jazz dance?

Eugene Louis Faccuito also known as Luigi, was an American jazz dancer, teacherm choreographer, and creator of the first codified jazz technique, the Luigi Technique. Bob Fosse, choreographer and film director, revolutionized jazz dance with his sexually suggestive movements.

What does Chass E stand for in jazz dance?

* Chass é: Step one foot, together in the air, land on the other foot; A gallop or slide * Hitchkick: Kicking one leg in the air while it is up there jumping off the other one to join it to the first and landing on the first leg * Hop: Taking off from one foot and landing on the same one

What are the different types of jazz dance steps?

*Fan kick: A kick in which the working leg makes a sweeping arc in front of the body *Grapevine: A series of steps that move sideways with a side, back, side, front pattern *Hitchkick: A scissor-like movement where one leg is in the air while the other leg kicks up to pass it *Isolations: Movement of only one part of the body

What does turnout stand for in jazz dance?

* Turnout (TO): The outward rotation of the feet and legs from the hips. Toes to the diagonal. * Working leg: The non-load bearing leg *Ball Change: Syncopated weight shift onto the ball of the rear foot and back to the flat front foot (Can be done as a travelling step)

Which is the fourth position in jazz dance?

* Fourth position parallel (4th pll): Standing with one foot in front of the hips and one behind the hips with @ 10″ between them . Toes facing the front