What are some spells that really work?

CLEANSING SPELL. “A friend of mine recently lost his two-month-old to SIDS.

  • LUNAR CYCLE SPELL. “I cast my most recent spell to help a friend find a place to live-not just any place but one that would be specifically suited to her
  • Does casting spells really work?

    Spell casting cannot produce results overnight. Sometimes, it can take a week or more. Besides, you don’t have to join a religion in order to cast spells. Spell casting is a tool which you can use as long as you spread goodness and believe in yourself.

    What do “spells” actually work?

    5 Signs a Spell is Working Changes in your Mood. The most common and first sign that any spell is working is a feeling of happiness and clarity right after casting the spell. Signs and Omens from Nature. Look around. Messages in your Dreams. All dreams have a meaning. Coincidences. Coincidences are another very common sign that a spell is working. Real-Life Interactions.

    Do you have to be witch to cast spells?

    As any practicing witch will tell you, there is no right way to cast a spell. The process is deeply personal and needs to be tailored to fit the situation. Spells can be as simple as scratching your intention in the dirt, but they can also be as elaborate as creating an entire ritual, complete with candles, chanting, and spoken rhymes.

    Do Wiccan spells really work?

    Wicca spells do indeed work but not in the way you see it in wizard movies. I’ll say it again – there’s no magick, no hocus-pocus. You have to be in harmony with the Nature, your “message” should be positive, your thought – straightforward and appropriate, and your intent directed towards achieving the result.

    What is the most powerful spell?

    Godsblast: One of the most powerful spells of all time. The user brings down a blast from the sky, which explodes and rips everything into it. This spell is unblockable. Vielvortex: Is a Spiritual Spell that that rips the souls from everything that comes near it. This spell is one of the most dangerous spell to cast on this list.

    How do Wicca spells actually work?

    A Wicca spell is very similar to a prayer – a result-oriented direction of purpose . It is all inside your thoughts, within your consciousness. Even if it is the best spell on the Earth, it won’t function in the absence of cladding it in a form of thought. The result of a spell is merely a materialized thought.