What are the 9 types of pollution?

9 Types of Pollution that You Should be Aware of

  • Air pollution. Air pollution is the emissions of biological molecules, particulate matter, toxic gases, and many other pollutants into the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Noise pollution.
  • Light pollution.
  • Water pollution.
  • Plastic pollution.
  • Littering.
  • Visual pollution.
  • Soil pollution.

What are the major types of water pollutants?

Here are five main types of water pollutants:

  • MICROBIAL. Pathogens can be bacteria, protozoa or viruses.
  • ORGANIC MATERIAL. Organic materials are things like petroleum, insecticides and herbicides, detergents, disinfecting cleaners, and prescription drugs.

What are the 8 types of water pollution?

Types of water pollution

  • Nutrients pollution: Some wastewater, fertilizers, and sewage contain high levels of nutrients.
  • Surface water pollution:
  • Oxygen depleting:
  • Groundwater pollution:
  • Microbiological:
  • Suspended matter:
  • Chemical water pollution:
  • Oil spillage:

What are the 9 sources of water pollution?

Some of the most common sources and causes of water pollution in the nation are detailed below.

  • Runoff from Agricultural Operations.
  • Runoff and Nonpoint Source Pollution.
  • Industrial Activities.
  • Leakage from Underground Storage and Piping.
  • Leaking Sewers.
  • Vehicle Emissions.
  • Landfill Leakage.
  • Hazardous Waste.

What are 10 types of pollution?

The different types of pollution have been discussed in greater details below.

  • Air Pollution –
  • Water Pollution –
  • Soil Contamination –
  • Noise Pollution –
  • Plastic Pollution –
  • Radioactive Contamination –
  • Light Pollution –
  • Thermal Pollution –

What are the 7 types of pollution?

The 7 Different Types of Pollution Explained

  • Water Pollution.
  • Air Pollution.
  • Soil Pollution.
  • Thermal Pollution.
  • Radioactive Pollution.
  • Noise Pollution.
  • Light Pollution.

What are 3 major types of water pollutants?

Water pollutants can be divided into three major categories: (1) substances that harm humans or animals by causing disease or physical damage; (2) substances or situations that decrease the oxygen content of water, leading to anaerobic decay and the death of aquatic life; and (3) substances that are indirectly harmful.

What are the 3 major sources of water pollution?

This section gives information about the most significant sources of water pollution.

  • Sewage (Waste Water) Sewage is another name for waste water from domestic and industrial processes.
  • Agricultural Pollution.
  • Oil Pollution.
  • Radioactive Substances.
  • River dumping.
  • Marine Dumping.

What are the major types of pollution?

The three major types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. Sometimes, air pollution is visible. A person can see dark smoke pour from the exhaust pipes of large trucks or factories, for example. More often, however, air pollution is invisible.

What are the 2 main types of water pollution?

What Are the Different Types of Water Pollution?

  • Chemical pollution.
  • Groundwater pollution.
  • Microbiological pollution.
  • Nutrient pollution.
  • Oxygen-depletion pollution.
  • Surface water pollution.

What are four types of water pollution?

There are four main categories of water pollution: pathogens, inorganic compounds, organic material and macroscopic pollutants. Water pollution can be caused by pathogens, inorganic compounds, organic material and macroscopic pollutants.

What are the major water pollutants and their sources?

Water pollution is the pollution of the Earth’s oceans and other water sources. According to the Minnesota Center for Environmental Recovery, common types of water pollutants include mercury, nitrates, phosphorous, fecal coliform and bacterial pollution.

What kinds of things pollute water?

On a smaller scale, other things that can pollute water include oil and gas leaking from the motor of a boat on a lake or when rain washes oil drips from a driveway into groundwater. Maintaining vehicles and catching and repairing drips and leaks early can minimize this kind of pollution.

What are 5 sources of water pollution?

These different types of water pollution come from varied sources: surface water, groundwater, microbiological, oxygen depletion, nutrient, suspended matter, and chemical.