What are the best Moveset for Cradily?

The best moves for Cradily are Infestation and Grass Knot when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Is Cradily good emerald?

Cradily is good in what it does and it’s best to use this Pokémon for these exact purposes rather than offensively, although switching into a water-type attack raises its special attack by one stage due to Storm Drain, allowing it to hit a bit harder with moves like Giga Drain and Ancient Power, if you must.

What Pokémon should I use against Cradily?

The best Pokemon Go Cradily counters are Shadow Metagross, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Mamoswine, Shadow Hariyama, Metagross & Lucario.

Is Cradily or Armaldo better?

Cradily fills doubly duty as a Grass type, and has solid balanced defences and decent balanced offenses. Armaldo may lack good moves for its Bug typing in RSE but it hits much harder than Cradily at the expense of less special bulk.

Is Cradily good competitive?

Cradily is a fairly niche defensive Stealth Rock setter that manages to set itself apart with unique resistances and immunities. Its good bulk and access to reliable recovery allow it to consistently set up Stealth Rock multiple times in a match while checking strong threats such as Jellicent.

Is Cradily good in great league?

Cradily isn’t a fantastic choice in Great League, with pretty poor matchups against many the top tier Pokémon in the format. That said, if you have shields remaining when your opponent doesn’t, Cradily’s strong charged move options can allow it to deal some serious damage.

Is Cradily good competitively?

Is Armaldo good Pokémon Emerald?

With the proper amount of STAB moves, Armaldo can function well in the late game when your opponent is on the defensive. His speed isn’t fantastic, but his regular Defense isn’t anything to sneeze at. Overall, Armaldo could be used to great effect if the right person had one.

What can beat a tyranitar?

Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark type Pokémon, which makes it especially weak against Fighting moves, and weak against Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass and Fairy moves….The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Tyranitar are:

  • Lucario,
  • Urshifu (Rapid Strike),
  • Urshifu (Single Strike),
  • Conkeldurr,
  • Breloom.

What is Cradily’s weakness?


What is Armaldo weak against?


Can you get both Anorith and Lileep in Emerald?

You have the option of getting the Root Fossil (Lileep) or the Claw Fossil (Anorith), however you can only get one. You can get the other fossil after you beat the game in the Fossil Maniac’s home. They are items that you are able to interact with in the top.