What are the challenges of peer assessment?

There can some challenges when giving and receiving peer feedback in a peer assessment. Some people can be harsh in their assessments of your work. Some students cannot take that and because of that it can cause them to question a lot of their work. People can also be wrong when it comes to the assessment.

What is the benefit of peer assessment?

Peer assessment or peer review provides a structured learning process for students to critique and provide feedback to each other on their work. It helps students develop lifelong skills in assessing and providing feedback to others, and also equips them with skills to self-assess and improve their own work.

Where does peer assessment happen exactly?

Peer Assessment is done under the monitoring and supervision of course instructors. It forms an integral part of the design, development, and academic facilitation of all UoPeople courses. Peer Assessment helps students to apply their knowledge by going over peer work and providing assessing feedback.