What are the Doctor Who villains?

The 10 best Doctor Who villains – in pictures

  • The Master. He is the Doctor’s Moriarty: a renegade Time Lord who may be the hero’s intellectual equal, but who is also his moral opposite.
  • Time Lords.
  • The Silence.
  • Cybermen.
  • Daleks.
  • Davros.
  • Scaroth.
  • Zygons.

Who was voted greatest Doctor Who villain?

Doctor Who: The Greatest Villains, Ranked

  1. 1 The Daleks. No other villain could hold the number one spot.
  2. 2 The Master/Missy. There was no one else who could take this spot.
  3. 3 The Midnight Entity.
  4. 4 Davros.
  5. 5 The Zygons.
  6. 6 The Vashta Nerada.
  7. 7 The Weeping Angels.
  8. 8 The Beast.

What is the scariest Doctor Who villain?

The Daleks
The Daleks are best known for their trademark expression “exterminate” and are one of the most feared races in the universe. No matter how many times The Doctor stops them, they always come back with a vengeance, making them one of The Doctor’s greatest foes.

What was the first Doctor Who villain?

Here is a picture of the first generation of Cybermen that the first Doctor, actor William Hartnell, came up against in 1966. Some of The Doctor’s wackier enemies included The Kandy Man, who was made from sweets and who punished anyone who wasn’t happy by drowning them in icing!

Who is the most powerful doctor?

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates.

What is the strongest creature in Doctor Who?

The Daleks are one of the strongest enemies of the Doctor as they constantly evolve into new and more ruthless killers in their very simple quest, which is to dominate all life in the universe. However, the Daleks have been the victims of reputation recently as the most powerful force in the Doctor Who universe.

Who was the scariest monster?

Here’s a list of top voted scariest monsters.

  • 1: Black Annis – England. Black Annis.
  • 2 : Demagorgon – Greece. Demagorgon.
  • 3 : Dullahan – Ireland. Dullahan.
  • 4 : Ghoul – Arabia. Ghoul.
  • 5 : Joroguma – China. Juoroguma.
  • 6 : Wendigo – Algonquian. Wendigo.
  • 7 : Ink Anymba – South Africa. Ink Anyamba.
  • 8 : Aswag – Philippines. Aswag.

Who is the main villain in Dr Who?

The Master is the main antagonist of the Doctor Who franchise. He is a member of the Time Lord race and is the childhood friend turned archenemy of the Doctor.

How many villains have there been in doctor who?

The Doctor has fought more than 400 villains and monsters. Find out who they are – and which appeared most.

When did the Zygons first appear in doctor who?

We first met the Zygons in 1975 when their plan to take over Earth was foiled by the Fourth Doctor. They then reappeared during the 50th anniversary special, “Day of the Doctor”.

Who are the Cybermen in doctor who?

First appearing in William Hartnell’s “The Tenth Planet,” The Cybermen are a race of beings who had removed all emotion from themselves to become more pure and calculating. Throughout their tenure, Cybermen have hailed from both the planet Mondas and (more often) Earth.

Who is the Black Guardian in doctor who?

The Shadow appears in the 1979 Fourth Doctor story The Armageddon Factor; he is a servant of the Black Guardian, and at least partially responsible for a war between the planets Atrios and Zeos. Mr Sweet is a Red Leech from the same Prehistoric times as the Dinosaurs and Silurians.