What are the features of a PVB pump?

Features ECONOMICAL PVB series combine quality performance with low overall cost. QUIET Noise levels are below the industry standards. EFFICIENT High volumetric and overall efficiency for industrial applications.

How big is a PVB 10 / 15 piston pump?

PVB 10/15 INSTALATION DIMENSIONS 4.87 7.63 8.19 7.44 4.00 D .875 D 2.31 .1875 square key IFP .562 D 2 holes .52 R 2.875 5.75 Compensator position for R.H. rotation models Case drain connection .7500-16 UNF straight thd for .50 O.D tubing Compensator position for L.H. rotation models

How many pistons are in a Vickers pump?

44 Vickers, Incorporated 1999 All Rights Reserved 3 Introduction General Description These pumps are based on low-noise swashplate design, with a maximum yoke angle of 18 and can be applied to hydrostatic drives. Nine pistons hydrostatically balanced by shoes bearing on the swashplate provide virtually pulsation–free flow.

Which is Vickers pump has a fixed or variable displacement?

Vickers Piston Pumps Fixed & variable displacement high pressure piston pumps 5127.02/EN/0999/A Fixed & variable displacement high pressure piston pumps 350 bar (5000 psi) PF, PV – 20 Design, Open Loop Pumps 066 cm3/r (4.03 in3/r) to 250 cm3/r (15.2 in3/r)

Is there a relief valve on a PVB pump?

SYSTEM RELIEF VALVE Although PVB series pumps have compensator controls, a system relief valve is recommanded for safety considerations. TECHNICAL DATA Values based on using anti-wear type petroleum oil 150 SUS at 100° F and 0 PSI inlet pressure MODEL DISPL.

Do you need to fill case before starting PVB pump?

APPLICATION GUIDELINES SHAFT ALIGNMENT PVB units are designed for “inline drive” with a flexible coupling. Side loading the shaft is not recommended . FILL PUMP CASING Before starting, fill case with system fluid through upper most drain port.