What are the green pills in Ortho Tri-Cyclen?

You may get pregnant if you do not take one pill daily. Ortho Tri-Cyclen packs contain seven dark green “reminder” pills to keep you on your regular cycle. Your period will usually begin while you are using these reminder pills. You may have breakthrough bleeding, especially during the first 3 months.

What is Ortho Tri-Cyclen used for?

ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN is indicated for the treatment of moderate acne vulgaris in females, ≥15 years of age, who have no known contraindications to oral contraceptive therapy, desire contraception, have achieved menarche and are unresponsive to topical anti-acne medications. Oral contraceptives are highly effective.

What is the difference between Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo?

This is a triphasic birth control pill—this means that Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo has three different doses of hormones during the three weeks of active pills in each pack. Triphasic pills are different from traditional monophasic pills, which are made up of the same dose of both estrogen and progestin.

How long does Ortho Tri-Cyclen take to work for acne?

Using birth control pills as an acne treatment won’t produce quick results. It usually takes up to three months of using the tablets for you to see results. In some severe cases, birth control pills alone might not be enough to clear up the acne completely.

Can Ortho Tri-Cyclen make you gain weight?

Some women may experience weight gain when taking Ortho Tri Cyclen and other birth control pills. While there’s a chance that the hormones can give you the munchies, it’s mostly water retention (and not actual fat).

Do you gain weight on Ortho Tri-Cyclen?

What birth control helps with acne and weight loss?

The best birth control pill for acne is a combination pill—one that contains both estrogen and progestin. The FDA has approved four such birth control pills for the treatment of acne: Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep Fe, Beyaz, and Yaz.

What are the colors of the Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo tablets?

Consider the possibility of ovulation and conception prior to initiation of this product. Tablet Color: Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo active tablets are white (Day 1 to Day 7), light blue (Day 8 to Day 14) and dark blue (Day 15 to Day 21). Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo inactive tablets are dark green (Day 22 to Day 28).

How to take Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo ( norgestimate )?

How To Take ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN Lo 1 Take first active tablet without regard to meals on the first day of menses. 2 Take subsequent active tablets once daily at the same time each day for a total of 21 days. 3 Take one dark green inactive tablet daily for 7 days and at the same time… 4 Begin each subsequent pack on the same day of the week as…

Are there any side effects to ortho tricyclen Lo?

Ortho Tricyclen Lo belongs to a class of drugs called Estrogens /Progestins; Contraceptives, Oral. It is not known if Ortho Tricyclen Lo is safe and effective in children. What are the possible side effects of Ortho Tricyclen Lo? Ortho Tricyclen Lo may cause serious side effects including:

What’s the best ortho tricyclen Lo for depression?

I tried Ortho lo, Yaz equivalent from Europe (Merselone) and others. I stopped taking any pills because I hit such a depression that I could not handle it. Actually, my fiance noticed that when I was on the pill I was depressed and had no desire for sex. Within 2 months of getting off of the pill I felt better.