What are the rank percentages in CS:GO?

CSGO Rank Distribution 2021

  • Silver I2.41%
  • Silver II4.64%
  • Silver III3.96%
  • Silver IV4.50%
  • Silver Elite5.44%
  • Silver Elite Master6.47%
  • Gold Nova I7.35%
  • Gold Nova II8.11%

What is the most common CS:GO rank?

The Average CS:GO rank is Gold Nova II-III, as shown by the numbers below:

  • Silver I: 4.51%
  • Silver II: 4.33%
  • Silver III: 4.39%
  • Silver IV: 5.37%
  • Silver Elite: 6.70%
  • Silver Elite Master: 7.70%
  • Gold Nova I: 8.52%
  • Gold Nova II: 8.81%

Is Silver 4 a good rank CS:GO?

Is Silver IV Good? Being a Silver IV puts you in the top 87.5% of all CS:GO players. That means, if you were placed in a room with 100 other players, you’d probably be able to beat 12 of them.

Is Gold NOVA 2 a good rank?

Is Gold Nova II Good? Being a Gold Nova II puts you in the top 59.31% of all CS:GO players. That means, if you were placed in a room with 100 other players, you’d probably be able to beat 40 of them. “A good rank for players with 100-500 hours in CS:GO, and exceptional for those with less.”

Is MG1 a good rank?

So yes, MG1 its a good rank. You will start to face people with better aim, better gamesense, and you will be forced to improve in order to keep as a MG1. Eventually you’ll rank up.

Is Silver Elite good rank?

Silver Elite is the second highest rank you can earn in CS:GO whilst still being a Silver. As such, it’s a good rank to be if you’re fairly new to the game, and means you could be getting out of Silver quite soon. Silver Elite is a good rank to earn as your first rank to be placed under in matchmaking.

Is Silver 3 good lol?

Silver III is a pretty impressive rank to have achieved in the game as a recreational player, and while it’s not quite in the top tier territory of Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger ranks, it’s a long way from Iron IV. According to League of Graphs, around 8.1% of players are currently in the rank.

Is Silver 3 a good first rank?

Being a Silver III puts you in the top 91.87% of all CS:GO players. That means, if you were placed in a room with 100 other players, you’d probably be able to beat 8 of them. Total CS:GO thinks that.. “Silver 3 is a good rank for a beginner of the game.”

Do losses affect CS:GO rank?

If you have higher rank than your opponents, your chance of winning is higher, so you lose more ranking points if you lose and you get only a little ranking points if you win. For example: A Supreme gets only a small amount of points by winning a round against Nova 4.

Is there a list of all CS GO rank?

Below is Total CS:GO’s list of all ranks in CS:GO matchmaking, with rank distributions and percentages. Our rank percentage data is automatically updated every hour. Click on the name of a rank to view more information it, including other names it is called, how good it is and more.

How many people have a silver rank in CS GO?

About 32% of all CS:GO players have a silver rank. To give your more beautiful data here are some CS:GO facts: The biggest part is the middle group in CS:GO: 35% of all players have a Nova rank. If you are an upper Nova, you are already better than average! This means about 66% are ranked in Silver & Nova, only 33% are higher!

What’s the percentage of gold in CS GO?

Rank Percentage Rank Rank Percentage Silver I 3.90% Gold Nova I Master Guardian Elite 5.24% Silver II 4.23% Gold Nova II Distinguished Master Guardian 4.15% Silver III 4.37% Gold Nova III Legendary Eagle 3.25% Silver IV 5.21% Gold Nova Master Legendary Eagle Master 3.20%

How are low end players ranked in CS GO?

If you are using a phone, you may have to turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or press on the grey area to swipe it. Silver for low-end players. Less than one-third of the player base is ranked at Silver. If you are one of them, be aware that just improving your aim will greatly influence your matches, rank, and game satisfaction.