What area code is 211 in the USA?


Code Territory or use Date
210 Texas (San Antonio metropolitan area) Nov 1, 1992
211 Not an area code—used to reach community services, or the local/regional information service
212 New York (New York City: Manhattan only, except for Marble Hill) Jan 1, 1947

What area code is 738 in USA?

Area code (738) is not currently assigned to any area in the USA or Canada. Therefore it could be said to be no where. Because area code 738 in not assigned to an area, it is often spoofed by telemarketers trying to hide their own telephone numbers.

What area code is 333?

Area Code 333 History: Area Code 333 has not been assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. Area Code 333 is officially designated an Easily Recognizable Code.

Which country phone code is 738?

Access was also possible via the Spanish numbering plan using the area code 9738, or the international prefix +34 738….Telephone numbers in Andorra.

International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix none

What happens if you dial 111 in the US?

Upon dialling 111, the caller will first hear a recorded message: “You have dialed 111 emergency; your call is being connected.” This message was added in 2008 to allow people who have accidentally dialled 111 to hang up straight away.

What is area code in USA?

United States/Dialing codes

What area code is 708?

The 708 area code serves most of western and southern Cook County and eastern and southern Will County including Alsip, Calumet City, Chicago Heights, Lansing and Oak Lawn.

What area code is 778?

The 778 code was introduced in 2001 and 236 was brought in as an area code in 2013. Both 778 and 236 are used throughout B.C. The urbanized area north of Metro Vancouver to Whistler uses only the 604 area code. The 250 area code is only found outside of Metro Vancouver.

Are 111 calls recorded?

Calls to 111 are recorded. All calls and the records created are maintained securely, and will only be shared with others directly involved with your care. Information recorded during the call will be shared with other professionals directly involved in your care.

How do you look up area code?

Reference the phone’s area code. The three digits in a set of parentheses in any United States area code refers to the region in which the number was registered. The easiest way to look up an area code’s coverage is by typing the area code followed by “area code” into a search engine (e.g., Google).

How do you find area codes?

How to Find an Area Code. Much like with a zip code, you can use a search engine to find an area code by searching for the city. To do the reverse and figure out what part of the country an area code is related to, just enter the area code into the search engine.

What is a cell phone area code?

An area code is a section of a telephone number which denotes the broad area that the phone receiving the call is based in. It is the section just before the local number, and just after both the access and country codes. This section usually doesn’t need to be dialed if the number being called is in the same area as…

In the United States, an area code is a three digit number that comes before the seven digits that make up the local number, three for the prefix and four for the suffix. While the prefix of the local number gives an idea of the more specific area, such as town or neighborhood, the area code denotes the larger region,…