What can you do with YUPO paper?

Yupo has an extra smooth surface and can be used with a combination of media, including watercolours, alcohol ink, acrylic paint, monotype, offset printing, debossing oil pastel, graphite and silkscreen.

Is there a right side to YUPO paper?

Is there a right or wrong side to YUPO paper? According to Legion pager, technically, the front and back surfaces of YUPO are identical. The same exact material is used on the front and back. However, some artists have noticed a difference in how inks behave on one side versus another.

Can you reuse YUPO paper?

There will be some color leftover, but you can salvage that pricey piece of yupo . But, if you work layer by layer, you can easily control how much ink you’re putting on and potentially waste less. A little drop will go a long way if you also drop rubbing alcohol or blending solution over top and blow it out.

What can you use instead of YUPO paper?

Some of the best options include:

  • Synthetic/Waterproof Paper. One of the single most popular options for alcohol ink art is synthetic or waterproof paper.
  • Artist Trading Cards. This is a fun option for creating small works of art that you can trade, gift, or sell.
  • Glossy Cardstock.
  • Glass and Ceramic Tiles.
  • Get Creative.

Is YUPO paper waterproof?

YUPO is the recyclable, waterproof, tree-free Synthetic Paper with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs.

What is the best YUPO paper?

Ranger Yupo Paper A great surface for alcohol inks and mixed media, this nonporous, water-resistant paper keeps ink wash edges vibrant and clean.

How do you use alcohol ink in Yupo paper?

Wet the Yupo paper with blending solution (or rubbing alcohol if you don’t have the blending solution). Gently rock (tilt) the paper to spread the blending solution or use the coffee stirrer to spread it. Now randomly drop several drops of each of your 3 colours and tilt the paper gently to spread it.

Is YUPO paper black?

Success, Couture Creations BLACK Alcohol Ink Paper co727892 has been shared! Smooth, synthetic and waterproof paper perfect for mixed media techniques and projects that use water and watercolours, pigment inks, dye inks or alcohol inks. Non-absorbant and resists buckling.

Is YUPO paper plastic?

*YUPO paper is a category 5 plastic.

Can you put YUPO paper in a printer?

Can YUPO be used with inkjet printers and laser printers? Yes. We have grades that are usable with wide format inkjet printers.