What colors are in Verde Butterfly granite?

Verde Butterfly Granite from Brazil is a Green, gray, White, Black colored slab with a polished, leathered or honed finish. It’s a durable granite recommended for kitchen counters or bathroom countertops.

Which Colour is best for kitchen granite?

Black and gray granite countertops give off a very dramatic appearance and are often best suited for contemporary kitchens that boast light wood or white cabinetry. But while dark granite countertops can only be used in a limited variety of kitchens, brown or beige granite can be featured in a number of kitchen styles.

How much is Verde Butterfly granite?

($15.12 / Sq. Ft.)

What color should I paint my kitchen with green countertops?

Painting oak, maple or dark cabinets can also soften the green countertops. Consider a soft gray for the walls and cream-colored or soft beige cabinets.

Is Black Galaxy a granite?

Description. Black galaxy granite is in the gabbro family of stone material and is sourced in the Ongole area of South India. The granite material is rated a 4.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, which is considered relatively hard.

Is tan brown granite?

Tan Brown granite comes from the southern region of India and is one of the more popular brown granites on the market. The overall appearance has a consistent mineral content, but you may see larger “islands” of light brown and red minerals among a background of blacks and dark browns.

What color cabinets go well with dark green granite?

Cabinet Color. Green granite countertops can go well with most kitchen cabinet colors from shades of white to light, medium and dark wood stains. White cabinetry matched with green granite countertops balance and neutralize the overall look of a kitchen whether it may be traditional or contemporary.

Is dark granite out of style?

If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, you should know that dark speckled granite is no longer in vogue. In my part of the country (New England) many homeowners have grown tired of being bossed around by the busy, dark, speckled stone. Many are incurring the expense of ripping it out.

Is Black Galaxy granite expensive?

How Much Does Black Galaxy Granite Cost? Black Galaxy Granite is considered a mid to high priced stone and is in great demand. You might find prefabricated slabs for as little as $300-$400, but most non-professionals will likely need help cutting the granite to an exact size.