What contacts are the same as Sofmed 55?

Sofmed 55 Aspheric contact lenses are identical to Biomedics 55 Premiere Aspheric contact lenses.

Can cheap contacts damage your eyes?

While cheap contacts are available, they aren’t always the best choice for your eyes. A low-quality pair may be more likely to tear, and this could lead to a scratch on your cornea or other damage to the eye.

Are CooperVision contacts good?

CooperVision’s Biofinity Lenses offer an advanced level of comfort in an affordable, monthly contact lens. The result is a pair of contacts that keep your eyes healthy, white, and moist all day long. The Biofinitys are also made from premium silicone hydrogel, but they’re a fraction of the cost of similar lenses.

What is the least expensive brand of contact lenses?

Which Contact Lenses Are The Cheapest? If you are simply looking for the cheapest daily contact lenses on the market, you’ll probably be looking at Dailies AquaComfort Plus, Focus Dailies, or 1 Day Acuvue Moist if you want to stick to the big manufacturers.

How long do Sofmed 55 contacts last?

2 weeks
Manufactured by CooperVision, Sofmed 55 are disposable contact lenses that last up to 2 weeks.

Are Sofmed contacts good?

Sofmed 55 contact lenses have an advanced lens design that provides excellent vision, comfort and handling. These lenses also have a soft blue tint that helps improve contact lens handling and location. These lenses are a good choice for first time contact lens wearers.

Can u go blind from contacts?

Wearing contact lenses puts you at risk of several serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop very quickly and can be very serious. In rare cases, these conditions can cause blindness.

When should I not wear contact lenses?

Do not wear lenses if your eyes are red, irritated, teary, painful, light sensitive, or if you have sudden blurred vision or discharge. If these symptoms don’t clear up in a few days, see your optometrist. Do not handle lenses with dirty hands. Do not use saliva to wet or clean your lenses.

Does wearing contacts worsen your eyesight?

No, contacts do not make your eyes worse. This is a common concern because many contact lens wearers are nearsighted children or teenagers whose eyes are still changing.

How much is a month supply of contacts?

One box of Acuvue Oasys lenses will cost about $115 and should last you most of the year. The same contact lens in a daily disposable option would cost about $70 for just a three month supply, which brings you to $280 per year – more than twice the price.