What Dai means?

noun. : the traditional dress of Vietnamese women that consists of a long tunic with slits on either side and wide trousers.

How do you say word of the day in Italian?

Italian word of the day: ‘Parecchio’

How do you use Parecchio?

“Parecchio” is used quite often in spoken Italian, and your mastery of it will lend your speech a more natural tone. It is usually placed before the noun and matches it in gender and number when used as an adjective; when used as an adverb, it is used in the singular masculine.

What is Mag Italian?

abbreviation. (= maggio) May. Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers.

What does Dai mean in Thai?

dai – is the Thai word for can; to be able to do something.

What nationality is Dai?

The Dai or Tai are among the 55 Chinese ethnic minorities classified by the Chinese government. The approximately 1.5 million Dai people in China live in Yunnan Province. Their main homeland area lies along the borders of Burma and Laos.

What day does the Italian week start on?

lunedì (loo-ne-DEE) — Monday Lunedì is the beginning of the workweek.

How do you use Tanto in Italian?

come – This is used for adjectives and adverbs; così is in parenthesis because you don’t always have to add it. — (tanto)… quanto – This is used for nouns or adverbs; tanto is in parenthesis because you don’t always have to add it.

How do you use Troppo in Italian?

ADJECTIVE It is placed in front of a noun (acqua, libri etc.), or refer to it. ADVERB It is placed after a verb (leggere, mangiare, etc.), or before an adjective (attenta, onesto, etc.). Troppo (too much, too many, so, too) can be used as an adjective or as an adverb.

What are the Italian months?

Talking About The Months of the Year in Italian

  • January – gennaio – pronounced [gen-NAHY-oh]
  • February – febbraio – pronounced [feb-BRAHY-oh]
  • March – marzo – pronounced [MAR-tsoh]
  • April – aprile – pronounced [ah-PREE-leh]
  • May – maggio – pronounced [MAJ-joh]
  • June – giugno – pronounced [JOO-nyoh]

What’s the first day of the week in Italy?

The first day of the week in Italy is Monday, but for the Church the first day is Sunday.

How do you Say Hello Good Day in Italian?

The simplest and most popular way to say “Hello” in Italian is to simply say “Buongiorno”, which means “Good Day”. You can use it throughout the day, even if it is not strictly the morning any more.

How do you say days of week in Italian?

In Italian, the days of the week aren’t capitalized. Eyeball this table of the days of the week in Italian (along with pronunciations and abbreviations) to ensure you get your days straight while in Italy. You might also need to know how to say the following: Oggi (ohj-jee) (today) Domani (doh-mah-nee) (tomorrow)

What are the months of the year in Italian?

Months of the Year in Italian. Gennaio/January – Febbriao/February – Marzo/March – Aprile/April – Maggio/May – Giugno/June – Luglio/July – Agosto/August – Settembre/September – Ottobre/October – Novembre/November – Dicembre/December.

When is Republic Day in Italy?

Republic Day in Italy celebrates when Italy became a republic by voting to eliminate the monarchy. This holiday is celebrated on June 2nd each year. On this holiday people watch military parades, go to official ceremonies, and put a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier .