What do you need to know about the steritest system?

The Steritest™ Symbio accessories are designed to facilitate your daily sterility testing work routine. To address your special requirements, accessories are available for a variety of different drug packaging configurations. Our sterility media and rinse fluids are formulated and tested to meet international standards.

When did steritest closed filtration system come to market?

For more than 40 years we have been leaders in the field of sterility testing, providing you the highest quality possible and defining the way ahead. In 1974, we were the first to market with the Steritest™, closed filtration device.

How does steritest neo help reduce false negatives?

Reduce false negatives: Steritest™ NEO filtration devices are the right answer to the danger that false negative results pose to patients. Through specific membranes, unique sealing technology and optimized device design, the unit allows efficient elimination of bacteriostatic, fungistatic or bactericidal agents.

How does the steritest Symbio pump system work?

Our Steritest™ Symbio pumps are designed to integrate perfectly into all testing environments. They will speed up and streamline your workflow, maximizing safety, confidence and convenience.

Can a steritest pump be used in an isolator?

The pumps and accessories are designed to answer the challenges of usage in laminar flow hoods, isolators and cleanrooms. The Steritest™ Symbio ISL Pump is optimized for extremely convenient sterility testing inside isolators. Its table-integrated design offers more working space and loading volume in isolators.

When was the steritest closed filtration device invented?

When Millipore invented the Steritest™ closed filtration device 40 years ago, we made sterility testing reliable. Today we are making it easy, with our new Steritest™ Symbio Pumps for sterility testing.

What kind of sterility test is Merck steritest neo?

Steritest™ NEO devices combined with our peristaltic pump, specific accessories and high quality culture media and rinsing fluids offer an optimized testing process compliant with USP <71>, EU Pharmacopoeia < 2.6.1> and JP Pharmacopoeia <4.06>. Select the right sterility testing membrane filtration solution according to your sample.