What does a cease-fire do?

CeaseFire. A cease-fire is an agreement that regulates the cessation of all military activity for a given length of time in a given area. It may be declared unilaterally, or it may be negotiated between parties to a conflict.

What’s a word for cease-fire?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cease-fire, like: armistice, truce, continue, un-brokered, , and ceasefire.

Is cease-fire one word?

a cessation of hostilities; truce.

What does ceasefire mean for kids?

Kids Encyclopedia Facts. A ceasefire (or truce) is a stoppage of a war or any armed conflict, where each side of the conflict agrees with the other to stop aggressive actions for some time.

How long will cease-fire last?

Cease-fire aimed at ending 11 days of fighting between Israel and Hamas takes effect – The Washington Post.

What were the terms of the cease-fire between India and Pakistan in Kashmir?

Karachi Agreement

Agreement Regarding the Establishment of a Cease-Fire Line in the State of Jammu and Kashmir
Type Delimitation of Cease-Fire Line
Context Post Indo-Pakistani War 1947
Drafted 13 August 1948
Signed 27 July 1949

What does hostilities mean in English?

1 : an unfriendly or hostile state, attitude, or action They showed no hostility toward strangers. 2 hostilities plural : acts of warfare. hostility. noun.

What is the synonym of discretion?

discretionnoun. Synonyms: PRUDENCE, judgment, caution, wariness, carefulness, circumspection, considerateness, judiciousness.

What were the terms of the ceasefire between India and Pakistan in Kashmir?

Is Israel and Hamas still fighting?

On Thursday, Israel’s government announced a cease-fire after 11 days of fighting with Hamas. If the agreement holds, it will end the heaviest round of fighting since 2014. But the attacks force Israelis to take shelter, and the rockets that get through have killed 12 people and caused damage.

Does Hamas use human shields?

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated Hamas now regularly uses human shields to protect the homes of Hamas officials.

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