What does broad mean in texting?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Woman
Type: Slang Word (Jargon)
Guessability: 1: Easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What does Brod mean in slang?

The word brod is used in Slang, is a general term meaning a broad (female),broad,abroad.

What does it mean when someone is a broad?

A slang term for a woman. Usually a derogatory term, similar to whore. Broad (surname), a surname.

What does too broad mean?

A topic is too broad when you find that you have too many different ideas or resources about that topic.

What does broad mean when talking about someone?

Broad is defined as a slang term used to describe a woman. An example of a broad is a woman. noun. 6.

What does hood mean in slang?

The definition of a hood is slang for a neighborhood. An example of a hood is what you’d call the area in which you live in the inner city.

What is a classy broad?

A CLASSY BROAD is the story of an eighty-seven year old woman, MARCIA NASATIR, who transcends generations, a woman with an insatiable curiosity, a woman who worked hard and still does, a woman who always loved a good story since she learned to read at the precocious age of three.

What is a too broad sentence?

A Statement That Is Too Broad Covers many possible topics. Too big to be main idea.

What does too broad mean on Instagram?

Your audience is not anyone who likes art. That’s too broad. When you allow Instagram to target your audience, they look at your current followers and those who interact with your posts. That means, if I already follow you I may see your promotions.

What does slugging someone mean?

to hit someone or something very hard with your fist. Synonyms and related words. To hit a person.

What does boozed up mean in slang?

intoxicated; drunk
British Dictionary definitions for boozed-up boozed-up. adjective. slang intoxicated; drunk.

What does the slang term broad mean?

Broad is defined as a slang term used to describe a woman. An example of a broad is a woman.

What is the origin of the slang term broad?

“Broad” as in “something wide”, came from the Proto-Germanic “*braidaz”, meaning “broad”. Where that came from, nobody knows for sure. Today “broad” is also a prison slang term for a man who plays the role of a woman in prison lovin’.

What does to broad mean?

1. having relatively great breadth or width. 2. of vast extent; spacious: a broad plain. 3. (postpositive) from one side to the other: four miles broad. 4. of great scope or potential: that invention had broad applications.

What does Broads mean?

(brôdz) A low-lying region of eastern England with wide, shallow lakes interconnected by rivers and small streams. The Broads is a wildlife sanctuary and recreational center.