What does Cisco ICM stand for?

Cisco Intelligent Contact Management
Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Enterprise Edition—an integral component of the Cisco IP Communications system—delivers an integrated suite of capabilities that enables your business to deploy a single solution that transparently blends multiple communication channels while easing the transition from a …

What is ICM in telephony?

ICM: ‘Intercom’, an internal communications system. With IP, voice communications (in the form of IP packets) are routed directly from the origin to destination devices. ISDN: ‘Integrated Services Digital Network’. Digital telephony service that gives better call quality, quicker connection times and DDI facilities.

What is the difference between Ucce and UCCX?

What is the difference between UCCE and UCCX? UCCX is the small-size call center platform that supports up to 400 agents. UCCE has more comprehensive features and targets sophisticated operations and large agent numbers.

What is a Peripheral Gateway?

You are on the right track, PG by definition is: Interfaces to various ‗peripheral’ devices, specifically to Unified CM, VRU (Unified IP IVR or Unified CVP), or Multichannel products (EIM and WIM for email and chat). The PG includes one or more Peripheral Interface Managers (PIMs) for the specific device interfaces.

What is Cisco peripheral gateway?

The PIM’s main function is to convert peripheral-specific events and requests to a Unified CCE-compatible peripheral data stream. The OPC process receives the CSTA messages from the PIM and uses them to construct the actual real-time and historical routing and reporting data.

What is Cisco CVP?

Cisco® Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP) is an award-winning product that provides IP-based self- service and call routing. With Cisco Unified CVP, businesses and organizations can provide incoming callers with automated, intelligent self-service using touch-tone input or speech recognition.

What does Cisco UCCX stand for?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is a “contact center in a box” that provides a secure and easy to deploy customer interaction management solution for up to 400 agents.

What does Ucce stand for?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) provides a powerful solution for intelligent call routing, multichannel communications and application integration.

What is Peripheral Gateway in Ucce?

The PG basically allows UCCE to interface with other components, such as IPIVR and CUCM (called Peripherals) or third party applications. Calls arrive at the PG through trunks that are organised in trunk groups.

What is PG Gateway?

PG (Payment Gateway) Fee means any and all fees or commissions that are to be paid to the 3rd Party Payment Gateway services for collection of revenues from the End Users within the Territory. Each PG fee rate may be applied as set forth on Exhibit A.

What is CVP IVR?

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) is a solution that provides Internet Protocol (IP) based automated customer self-service and call routing as a standalone interactive-voice-response (IVR) system or integrated with a contact center. The technology accommodates touch-tone input and speech recognition.

What is the difference between UCCX and Ucce?

What’s the IP address for the ICM script?

Script will set the IP address of which is also acting as Media Server (IIS is running as Medial Server) “en-us” and “app” are IIS directory names where holdmusic.wav file is saved. VXML Gateway debugs (“debug voice applicaton vxml”) will show you the call coming in from CVP

Is the Internet script editor the same as unified ICM?

The Internet Script Editor and Unified ICM Script Editor GUIs are essentially the same. The menus, toolbars, palette, and work space are utilized in the same manner in both applications. The differences between the two occur primarily in the method by which each application communicates with Unified ICM.

When does a VRU script run in a unified ICM?

A configured VRU script runs only when the Unified ICM instructs it to do so from a Unified ICM routing script. A VRU script on the Unified ICM is the configured record for the VRU Script that resides on Unified CVP. A VRU script executes to collect digits, play hold music, or perform many other common VRU functions.

How does Nam scripting work for unified ICM?

Scripting on the NAM requires only one Dialed Number script per Customer Instance. However, your design may include more. The NAM routing script sends the Dialed Number to the correct Unified CVP Media Server for treatment, then ultimately to the Unified ICM Gateway of the CICM instance for the particular Dialed Number.