What does Defilate mean?

transitive verb. : to arrange (fortifications) so as to protect the lines from frontal or enfilading fire and the interior from fire from above or behind.

What is Defilade in the military?

Enfilade and defilade are concepts in military tactics used to describe a military formation’s exposure to enemy fire. A unit or position is “in defilade” if it uses natural or artificial obstacles to shield or conceal itself from enfilade.

What does Enfilading fire mean?

Enfilade fire—gunfire directed against an enfiladed formation or position—is also commonly known as “flanking fire”. Raking fire is the equivalent term in naval warfare. Strafing, firing on targets from a flying platform, is often done with enfilade fire.

What does fubar mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) US slang. : thoroughly confused, disordered, damaged or ruined Likewise, if users get completely fubar while filling in the multitudes of fields in all the different pages of your dialog, they may choose the ejector seat and press the Cancel button.—

What is a flanking fire?

The flanking-fire technique consists of treating an area with lines of fire set directly into the wind. The lines spread at right angles to the wind. It is sometimes used to supplement a backing fire in areas of light fuel or under more humid weather conditions. …

What is machine gun theory?

Effective machine gun use requires understanding machine gun gunnery theory. This understanding is what makes a machine gun an effective crew-served weapon capable of suppressing and controlling large target areas. It always occurs about two-thirds of the distance from weapon to target and increases with range.

How many men are in a company?

COMPANY. A company has anywhere from a few dozen to 200 soldiers. It’s a tactical-sized unit that can perform a battlefield function on its own. A company consists of three or four platoons and is generally commanded by a captain.

Is FUBAR a military term?

Acronym slang in the U.S. Military A number of military slang terms are acronyms. Rick Atkinson ascribes the origin of SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up), FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Any Repair or “All Recognition”), and a bevy of other terms to cynical GIs ridiculing the United States Army’s penchant for acronyms.

What does Flubar mean?

What is fastest spreading part of fire?

The head is the fastest spreading part of a fire’s perimeter. The head is usually the side toward which the wind is blowing, and will also often be the upslope side of a fire.

What is back burn?

Back burning is a last-resort measure to stop wildfire from burning out specific areas. It works by setting fires from containment lines, such as established fire breaks or hastily contrasted ones made with a bulldozer or cut by hand.

Who are the owners of the company Fila?

Fila Holdings Corp. (d/b/a Fila) is a sportswear manufacturer that designs shoes and apparel founded by Ettore and Giansevero Fila in 1911 in Biella, Piedmont, Italy. In 2003, it was sold to United States -based Sports Brand International. And subsequently in 2007, Fila Korea acquired the brand.

What kind of clothing did the FILA brothers make?

History. Fila was created in Coggiola, Italy, by the Fila brothers in 1911. It originally started by making clothing for the people of the Italian Alps, now manufacturing sportswear for men, women, children and athletes. The company’s primary product was originally underwear, before moving into sportswear in the 1970s,…

Who is the current chairman of Fila Korea?

In 2007, the international brand and company was sold to the independent Fila Korea, which owned the license to sell Fila products in Korea. Yoon Yoon-su, commonly known in English as Gene Yoon, is the current chairman.