What does Intestinal Formula do?

It stimulates your peristaltic action (the muscular movement of the colon) and over time strengthens the muscles of the large intestine. It halts putrefaction and disinfects, soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of your entire digestive tract.

How do you use Dr Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1?

Take 1 capsule of Intestinal Formula #1 with food, preferably dinner. If the next mroning you do not have a complete bowel movement, or none at all, then increase dosage by 1 capsule. Continue to increase dosage by one capsule each evening until you reach your “perfect dosage”.

Does Dr Schulze’s products work?

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely the best REAL product for health supplementation. Schulze products for over 25 years. His ingredients are 100% REAL which is why they don’t taste good to some reviewers.

What is Dr Schulze SuperFood?

Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood Plus blasts your body with a rich supply of nutrients that increase energy and overall vitality. Get 100% (or more) of Vitamins A, C & E, plus over 1200% Vitamin B12 (your ENERGY vitamin)! Nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals boost energy with over 1200% vitamin B12(your ENERGY vitamin)!.

Who is Dr Schulze?

His formulae and Incurables Program are used at clinics worldwide to help people heal themselves from degenerative diseases. Dr Schulze is the creator of The American Botanical Pharmacy’s line of high quality botanical extracts.

What is the difference between SuperFood Plus and SuperFood 100?

SuperFood Plus Powder is the ORIGINAL Super-nutrition formula since 1979. SuperFood Plus Powder is the ORIGINAL Super-nutrition formula since 1979. It has more daily value percentage than SuperFood 100 (400% Thiamin and Riboflavin, 300% Vitamin B6, etc..).

Where does Dr Richard Schulze live?

Naples, Florida
Personal life. Schulze lives in Naples, Florida.

How old is Richard M Schulze?

About 80 years (January 1941)
Richard M. Schulze/Age

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