What does it mean to be a workaholic?

Answering “often” or “always” to at least four of these seven statements may suggest that you have work addiction. Both men and women experience work addiction and work stress. But research shows that women tend to experience workaholism more, and their health seems to be more at risk.

Where do you fall on the workaholism scale?

To help you or a loved one determine where you may fall on the workaholism scale, Yasmine S. Ali, MD, president of Nashville Preventive Cardiology and author of a forthcoming book on workplace wellness, developed this quiz. Grab a pen and get ready to dig deep to answer these questions about work addiction.

How can you tell if someone is a workaholic?

You routinely take work home with you. You often stay late at the office. You continually check email or texts while at home. Additionally, Manly says that if time with family, exercise, healthy eating, or your social life begin to suffer as a result of a packed work schedule, it’s likely that you have some workaholic tendencies.

What happens to your health if you are a workaholic?

But research shows that women tend to experience workaholism more, and their health seems to be more at risk. A study found that women who work more than 45 hours a week are at risk for developing diabetes. But the diabetes risk for women who work under 40 hours decreases significantly.

Although being a workaholic carries a negative connotation, identifying a person’s motivation to work can help us better distinguish if they are a true workaholic or simply a hard worker. Financial rewards: Those who work hard may do so simply for financial rewards.

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How does technology make you a workaholic?

With the ubiquity of technology, workaholic behavior can be fueled outside of the office through cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Although access to a cell phone is not to blame, it does make it easier to exclude other activities in favor of work.

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